Top tips to enter the New Year with radiant skin!

We all love Christmas, but let’s face it, it’s not exactly a friend to our skin! Of course, our body and skin will take a hit after all of the festive parties, get togethers and a change in weather and I’m sure we could all do without the bad skin days that follow. Glossies, don’t worry, we have some top product recommendations on hand to help rescue your complexion. The key to fresh skin in the new year is to not over-complicate our skincare routines because our skin is already having to fight against the poor diet and lack of sleep over Christmas, so let’s keep it basic.
Here are some tips that will help you step into the new year with your best skin yet…


1 // Drink plenty of water

We should all be drinking plenty of water anyway, but we know how busy the Christmas period can be, so we find less time to consume water, and let’s face it, we’re probably drinking everything but water!

2 // Use hydrating & moisturising products

The weather, alcohol and general day-to-day stress are all doing one thing to your skin: dehydrating it so we need to switch this up so it stops! To combat these problems, we use moisturisers as they help keep our skin hydrated which leads to healthy and youthful-looking skin – who wouldn’t want to enter 2023 with glowing skin, right?

3 // Apply a face mask

If you need that instant burst of hydration then you need to turn to face masks as they will be your best friend in the new year; they are packed with hydrating ingredients! If you can incorporate a hydrating face mask into your daily/weekly routine, this will help keep your skin plump, hydrated and moist. It’s always important to remember to avoid clay masks if your skin is dehydrated because they dry out your skin more (which isn’t the best way to start the new year!)

4 // Remember to exfoliate

Our skin can become so dry and flaky in winter, let alone around the festive period when we’ve consumed plenty of food & drink! This can lead to congested pores so exfoliating weekly will help to give you glowing skin and using the right scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright, just in time for the new year – ultimately, this makes it easier for moisturising products to penetrate more deeply into the skin which makes them more effective

5 // Sweat it out

This may sound silly, but hear us out Glossies! Sweating it out helps by releasing toxins from the body, increasing blood flow, and nourishing the skin cells which will ultimately give your skin a healthy glow from the inside out!

Another quick tip for you all – in the new year, try to avoid any skin products that make your face feel tight and dry; try and opt for product full of hydration & moisture! To rebalance your skin after the festive indulgence, try and look for hydrating products that contain hyaluronic acid. This will restore hydration and help to repair the skin’s barrier.

Grace Walker

Grace Walker

Beauty Writer

As someone who is skincare obsessed, it’s no secret that I have a huge passion for glowing skin! Over the years I have written many blog posts which specialise in skincare, so I have plenty of top tips to share to help you on your own skincare journey. I am always trying out new products and finding new discoveries that I can add to my collection. My go-to skincare product right now is definitely a hydrating face mask; they’re perfect for that instant hydration boost before you continue with your beauty routine!