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Five Healthy Ice Pop Recipes

Writer and expert9 years ago
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We haven’t quite cottoned on to air-conditioning in the way other countries have, but why would we need to when another way to cool down is to indulge in one of these frozen taste sensations? Here are five healthy recipes for ice pops that are sure to keep you cool through summer...

Chocolate Covered Kiwi Popsicles by Bare Feet in the KitchenWhat could be healthy about something that looks so sinful? Perhaps our simplest ice pop pick is also one of the healthiest. Dark chocolate has been proven to contain more antioxidant activity, polyphenols and flavanols, than some superfoods including acai and blueberries making it a wise, as well as a tasty, treat. Kiwi fruits are well known for having more vitamin c that most other fruits (which is great for younger looking skin as our collagen relies on vitamin c) but kiwis have also been proven to improve sleep in adults and the fibre and potassium content are great for heart health. And dare we say, these pops look rather chic too.

Strawberry Smoothie Popsicles by Chocolate Covered KatieIf you have tried incorporating kale into your diet, but gag on account of it tasting as though you’ve just accidentally eaten someone’s compost pile, then these are the healthy ice pops for you. They are pink and fruity, but there’s a dose of kale that’ll give you some vital vitamin c and, no doubt, keep you regular. Plus, they are the simplest form of smoothie - you just blend everything and freeze it.

Strawberry, Mango and Chia Popsicles by Superhealthykids.comThis is a power-packed lolly that gives a dose of healthy vitamins, sweetness, fibre and next-level hydration. The fruit is a tasty treat, but the addition of chia seeds adds protein, fibre and healthy carbohydrates meaning it can deliver a bit of a post-dinner energy boost or a mid-morning pick-me-up. The whole thing is held together with coconut water, which makes it great choice on hot days when it’s easy to get dehydrated or after a workout when it’ll give you back some of the electrolytes you lost during that calorie burn on the cross-trainers.

Mocha Ice Pops by Eatingwell.comThis is better than any packet of crisps, pastry or sinful indulgence to snap you out of an afternoon energy dip. Just make a mocha, pretty much as normal, freeze into molds and you have a tasty caffeine boost at your fingertips. Oh, and did we mention that each pop contains just 54 calories?

Green Smoothie Detox Pops by topwithcinnamon.comThis is essentially a super-charged green smoothie in ice pop form and contains everything you’d expect to see someone sipping on after a rigorous spin class. No sugar here - just agave - and there’s also courgette and avocado with a few grapes thrown in for added sweetness. This will make your skin glow and keep your digestive system ticking over.

Writer and expert
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