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Review: I Tried Two Must-Haves In The GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg Limited Edition – Here’s What I Thought…

Review: I Tried Two Must-Haves In The GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg Limited Edition – Here’s What I Thought…
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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This Easter why not indulge in a different type of egg… Our GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg Limited Edition! With 11 tempting treats worth over £100, there are a million reasons you’ll want one for yourself.

I was lucky enough to try two of the egg-citing beauty goodies in this lineup before anyone else - and, as a result, I'm here to give you the glossy lowdown on why you need them all in your beauty bag.

Don’t forget to subscribe for priority access too. If the last few years are anything to go by, this Easter Egg Limited Edition will sell out and FAST!


Which Two GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg Products Did I Try?

So, I got my hands on the two hero products in this Easter Egg Limited Editon to both try and review:
  1. Too Faced Diamond Highlighter in Fancy Pink 
  2. Frank Body Glow Mask 
But what did I think…?

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

I was a fan of Too Faced for its iconic mascara and full coverage foundations, but the brand’s Too Faced Diamond Highlighter in Fancy Pinkis my new favourite… And I guarantee it’ll be yours in no time at all too!


If you're after a shimmery highlighter that offers a three-dimensional effect - yes, the colour shifts with light and movement! - then look no further. Too Faced has come through with this luxe, innovative highlighter.

As first impressions go, this is the most opulent highlighter I've ever used. This pink and gold, two-toned highlighter is housed in a gorgeous millennial pink box - with a lovely message of ’It's your time to shine’, it’s an inspiring message to read every morning.And inside this, the highlighting powder is then inside its own pink ‘treasure trove’ of a box. Pressing a gold button to open, you’ll be just as stunned as I was at how blindingly, shimmery it is and how much product you get too.

When using, the prismatic powder applies a smooth wash of sultry shimmer to your cheekbones. Some highlighters I've used before have felt chunky and thick on the skin, whereas on application, this product feels ultra-lightweight.

Buildable and blendable, be sure to layer up to create the subtle, healthy glow you’re after.If you're wanting a more natural look, one layer will suffice - it's highly pigmented after all. But, if you're off on a night out and want a sparkle you'd spot from space, then be sure to apply two to three layers. Regardless of how much you put on too, it will always look smooth and silky.What I love the most about this highlighter though is that as it's multifaceted, one minute you can see a golden glow, the next you can see a hint of pink.

Infused with light-reflecting pearls and real crushed diamond powder too, the strobe-like effect that’s added to your cheeks will have you receiving compliments day and night.

Frank Body Glow Mask

My skin recently has been rather dull. So, when I’ve seen any skincare product promising to brighten or add glow, I've been purchasing. Therefore, you can imagine my delight when this restorativeFrank Body Glow Masksurprisingly came as part of this year’s Easter Egg Limited Edition.


Firstly, I cleansed my face to make sure there was no hidden dirt clogging my pores. And then, applied a layer of this creamy mask to my face. It's sometimes tough to know how much product to apply, but as the tube instructed a thick layer I went for it!

On first use, I was amazed at how rich the formula was. It felt egg-stremely luxurious on my skin and I also loved the 'good enough to eat' fragrance of shea butter that radiated from the mask too. 

Frank Body advises to leave the mask on for five minutes. I usually use face masks that need 10 - 15 minutes to work so I was sceptical about only leaving it on for this long. But, I needn’t be!

After five minutes, I rinsed the mask off with cold water and the only word I can use to describe this experience was refreshing! I wiped the excess off using a soft towel and once my face was dry, I could not stop touching it. My face was so soft and smooth and felt super supple too.I've had this feeling before - revitalised and hydrated - after spending lots of money at a spa, having a professional facial. But yes, I got this feeling from a DIY home mask.It’s recommended you use this mask twice a week, but morning or night… well that’s up to you. I choose nighttime, to relax after a long day. The next morning, my complexion didn't have its usual puffiness. It looked brighter, more radiant and still felt as soft and smooth as it did the night before. I thought the results may be temporary, so I was very impressed. What's even better, it gave me a lovely, smooth base to apply my moisturiser, primer and my foundation onto.

Formulated with an invigorating mix of goji berry extract, arabica coffee seed oil and shea butter, I can’t get enough of this mask. I will, for sure, be repurchasing!

What Else Is Inside The 2022 GLOSSYBOX Limited Edition?

Alongside these two heroes from Too Faced and Frank Body are nine other beauty buys you MUST get your hands on and try for yourself. To see what else is inside this Limited Edition - if you haven't all ready of course! - have a read of our Easter Egg lineup full reveal blog!

Don’t Forget About Our Golden Ticket Competition! 

Not only do you get 11 treats worth over £100, but we've partnered with Revlon and Cult Beauty to sneak over 100 Golden Tickets into our Easter Eggs too.  Just buy your Easter Egg to be in with a chance of winning some egg-cellent prizes!

For more on this competition and all the prizes up for grabs, have a read of our Easter Egg Limited Edition Story Behind The Box blog.


When Does Our 2022 Easter Egg Limited Edition Go On Sale?

Both subscribers and non-subscribers can buy their Easter Egg Limited Edition on Wednesday 6th April. Subscribers, you will be able to purchase early with your priority access at 9am, whilst non-subscribers will need to wait until 12pm for general sale.

How Much Does The GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg Limited Edition Cost?

Our 2022 Easter Egg Limited Edition retails at £35. However, Glossies get an exclusive £10 discount (yes, you read that right!) meaning you can purchase yours for only £25!

The Too Faced Diamond Highlighter is worth £30 alone, so what are you waiting for?

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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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