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Meet The New Juice Set

Writer and expert9 years ago
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Forget coconut water, there’s a new group of juices on the block that totally trump all others. They carry an array of health, beauty and well-being benefits that are not to be missed, from improving digestion and rebuilding electrolytes to boosting collagen and promoting hair growth.

Here are a few we're gulping down at the moment...

Charcoal The pros: healthy glowing skin, improved digestion and helps to banish a hangover

It’s time to drink your way to radiant, glowing skin. Charcoal juice may look a little medical and unappealing, but the benefits that come from a glass of this cure-all beauty remedy are quite incredible. You see, heat-processed charcoal acts in a similar way to a magnet, drawing any toxins out of your body. We love: Botanic Lab Isotonic Activated Charcoal, £60 for 8 bottles at Botanic Lab

Birch The pros: it’s jam-packed with nutrients including potassium to re-hydrate, zinc to boost the immune system and copper, which is renowned for its anti-aging benefits

Tapped from the trunks of silver birch trees at the start of spring, this watery liquid comes equipped with powerful hydrating and detoxifying benefits. It's even rumoured to help eliminate cellulite. We love: Weleda Birch Juice, £9.95 at Weleda

PickleThe pros: cures hangovers, PMS, heartburn and helps to rebuild electrolytes post-workout

If you’re after a natural, low-sugar drink to replace electrolytes, pickle juice may just be your new go-to drink after a session at the gym. It contains sodium, which helps the body retain fluids and in turn, gives you that much-needed boost through long-endurance workouts or marathons. What’s more, it alleviates PMS cramping, kills any harmful bacteria in the stomach and acts as a healthy source of antioxidants to cure a hangover. Need we say much more?

Aloe Vera The pros: detoxifying, lowers cholesterol, helps digestion, promotes hair growth and boosts collagen

It’s easy to see why aloe vera juice is the latest health and beauty craze. First of all, it’s a super-easy way to boost your vitamin intake (it contains A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12) and then there’s the fact it’s rich in minerals, from iron to calcium. We love: Aloe Vera Juice, £6.49 at Holland and Barrett

Maple Water The pros: naturally boosts hydration

Much like birch juice, maple water (tree sap in its pure liquid form) is tapped from maple trees. It’s a pure form of hydration that contains a whopping 46 natural vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and prebiotics. We love: Wahta Pure Maple Water, £1.90 at

Writer and expert
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