A World Of Beauty: Scandinavia

From Saturday Ikea runs to The Killing and Alexander Skarsgård, we’re already hooked on all things Scandinavian so it seems perfectly fitting that we turn to our Nordic neighbours for a little beauty inspiration too. Especially as they’re famed for impeccably flawless skin and healthy, glowing complexions.

Victoria Senkpiel, Managing Director for GLOSSYBOX Scandinavia tells us which Scandi products are bathroom cabinet-worthy…


 1. Lumene Bright Now Pore Minimizer
“From our neighbours in Finland, Lumene proves Arctic cloudberry has a life beyond traditional Nordic cuisine. This shrinks pores, smoothes skin texture, helps to control shine and has an all-day matte finish. The extract of resilient Arctic cloudberry protects and detoxifies the skin. A lifesaver.”
159kr (approx £14) at Kicks

2. Byredo Seven Veils Eau de Parfum
“Native perfumer Ben Gorham has put Sweden on the scent map. The fragrances are a true luxury and you’re bound to find several favourites in his collection. The minimalist bottles decorate the bathroom beautifully too.”
£130 for 100ml at Liberty

3. Försvarets Läppsalva
“Only in Sweden would the country’s armed forces have their very own skincare brand! It’s called Försvarets and their products can be found in nearly every Swedish household. This lip balm is a new favourite of mine scented with vanilla and it’s extremely moisturising – a must-have when you visit the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden in -20 degrees temperatures.”
39kr (approx £3) at Apoteket

4. Björk and Berries Dark Rain Hand Cream
“This Swedish eco-luxe brand will take pride of place on your nightstand.  This hand cream has a combination of organic birch extract, aloe vera and creatine to deeply soften skin and it’s made with 98% natural and 15% organic ingredients.”
£20 at Björk and Berries

5. Oriflame True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum
“Scandinavian skin can turn a little dull due to the lack of sunlight in the winter and the cold climate. This is a potent serum that perks up stressed and tired skin with the help of an Instant Glow Complex that tones the skin and improves its natural glow.”
£11.95 at Oriflame

6. Sachajuan Hair Repair
“A favourite at GLOSSYBOX, this brand was founded in Stockholm by two international hair stylists. The intensive treatment is formulated with ocean silk technology, which provides my hair with the moisture injection it needs and reduces frizz leaving it super shiny.”
£23 at Urban Retreat

7. True Organic Sweden All You Need Is Me Skin Protector
“Swedish innovation at it’s best! With 100 % natural ingredients and a tube made out of sugarcane, not plastic, this Swedish 8 hour cream gives ‘iconic’ a new meaning. I predict it’s set to take the international beauty scene by storm – just watch this space!”
£21.99 at Amazon UK



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