The Best Supplements For A Beauty Boost

Whether you want to thicken your hair, hydrate your skin or boost the strength of your nails, there’s a supplement to give you a little helping hand.

We’ve rounded up eight we rely on time and time again to give us that much-needed boost from the inside out…

The anti-aging shot
This is anti-aging made easy! It ticks all your skin wants and all you have to do is up-end this tiny bottle and say ‘bottoms up’. Think of this collagen rich-drink as massaging your skin from the inside out with a blend of active ingredients that increase skin hydration, reduce the appearance of the signs of aging and promote healthier looking hair and nails. What more could you ask more?
Pure Gold Collagen, £35.99 at Boots

The hair thickener
The stress of modern living can take its toll on our hair – but whether your suffer from hair thinning, shedding or lack of shine, Phyto are here to offer a helping hand. Feeding hair follicles the nutrients they need for healthy hair growth is a wise move, and a sound beauty investment, and these capsules contain the fatty acids and antioxidants that’ll do just that. Also a good choice if your lashes have thinned.
Phyto PhytoPhanere Dietary Supplement for Hair & Nails, £35

The tan optimiser
To prep your skin for the sun, start taking these tablets a month before you jet off on holiday. They contain vitamins C and E and will fire up the body’s natural protection system for sun exposure, so by the time you reach sunnier climes your body is prepped and ready for all that basking. It’s important to note, this is not sun protection – instead it prepares your skin so that you don’t turn lobster red at the first sight of that glowing golden ball in the sky.
Imedeen Tan Optimiser, £40

The nail strengthener
Constant manicures can take their toll on nails and if yours are thin or brittle this supplement can undo some of the damage. Selenium and biotin are great for nail and hair health, while a mixture of nutrients nourish the matrix and nail bed in a way that topical creams and oils can’t. Plus, you can still keep your manicure – whether it’s wait-dry, gel or acrylic – topped up while you take them.
Perfectil plus Nails Extra Protection, £16.99

The skin hydrator
MSM is dubbed the ‘beauty mineral’ thanks to its many skin benefits, which include increasing production of elastin, collagen and keratin – the cornerstones of healthy skin. Not only does it strengthen and support the skin, but it can also help conditions such as eczema and rosacea. One or two tablets a day is all it takes to deliver the beautifying ‘hit’ from the inside out.
Oskia Pure MSM Supplement, £29.50

The super powder
Packed with 45 key ingredients, from vitamins and minerals to trace elements, The Super Elixir is a powder supplement by supermodel Elle Macpherson that helps improve wellness and vitality from the inside out. It works to alleviate the impact of stress, fatigue and premature aging, while improving inner fitness by optimising the function of all 11 systems of the human body. Clever, huh? Simply take 10g daily either in a smoothie, with coconut water, with almond milk or even sprinkled on your salad! The options are endless – and so are the benefits!
The Super Elixir, £96 for 300g

The brain booster
Infused with hyaluronic acid, zinc and 100mg of gota kola (a brain tonic), The Geek Molecule is a liquid elixir that provides you with what most diets lack. The combination of ingredients help support memory function, energise mental strength and aid cognitive stability. Simply mix two teaspoons into your morning juice for a daily brain boost!
Fountain The Geek Molecule, £30

The sunshine vitamin
Vitamin D is manufactured in the skin when it’s exposed to UV light – but in the UK, we’re simply not getting enough exposure for sunshine (you don’t say) to provide our bodies with this much-needed vitamin.  For a daily boost, try taking vitamin D supplements – they’ll help maintain healthy bones, teeth and a normal immune system.
Boots Vitamin D, £2.19



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