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Your November Beauty Horoscope: What’s In Store For Your Star Sign This Month!

Your November Beauty Horoscope: What’s In Store For Your Star Sign This Month!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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Another month and another scintillatinglook into our zodiacs. We're still checking out what's going onthis month for you, accessing your beauty needs and discovering other inspiring revelations along the way!

As it's November, our Sagittarius Glossies are about to take centre stage! As always, all 11 other star signs have their moment - keep scrolling to see your horoscope and the best beauty must-have for your sign this month.



Sagittarius glossies, you are all about healing others and being kind and caring. You’re also likely to be one of the most intelligent people in the room -which is why you’re represented by the Centaur. Half-human, half horse, the Centaur (or the Archer) is the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and heaven. And all Archers love to explore and roam…

For our roamers who enjoy spending time outside, an essential item is theCeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25. As we know, you should never leave the house without SPF on your face and this moisturiser is such an easy way to get this into your routine! This lightweight, protecting face cream restores and strengthens your natural skin's barrier - so no moisturise loss (dry skin glossies, I see you!). Defending you against damaging UV rays, as well as soothing and calming irritated skin, you’ll wonder what you did before you tried this. I use this every morning… It sits well under makeup and absorbs so quickly into the skin.

Are you even a Sagittarius if you don't love animals? Unleash your inner animal lover with the Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet. Korea's first temperature-reacting mask, it works to calm and balance oily and combination skin types.

Not familiar with K Beauty? Check out The 10 Step Skincare Routine K-Beauty Swears By – And Our Fave Products To Use!

This novelty animal designed, essence-infused sheet mask delivers ingredients into the epidermis for optimum results. Once the mask is sitting comfortably on the face, it reacts with your body heat and (you'll want to grab a mirror for this) the animal transforms into a younger version of itself! It’s the cutest sheet mask on the market! Formulated with one of our favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid, as well as adenosine and collagen, you can expect moisturised, hydrated and calmed skin. It also helps to relieve acne while controlling oil production. With an added shot of aloe vera juice, this sheet mask will leave your complexion feeling super soft and brilliantly soothed. 

We know Sagittarius queens are assertive and can easily take control! So, to help you on your way to absolute fierceness, pick up Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner Travel Size and rock your fierce cat-eye. This liner is highly pigmented, waterproof and seriously packs a punch. And, as it's travel-sized, it’s much easier to control the pen and get the precise wing you’re after.

Need a cat eye tutorial? Check out How To Create A Pur-fect Cat Eye Eyeliner Look!

Sagittarius glossies, you are the passionate beings in the zodiac. And the best way to showcase your love is of course with stunning lipstick. My favourite go-to right now is Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick with Vitamin E  120 Midnight Mauve. Midnight Mauve is a rich purple-pink berry shade with plenty of benefits - avocado, aloe butters and shea treat and soften your pout! The lightweight formula glides on smoothly in one stroke, so simply add further coats at your discretion until you've built your preferred look.

The Sagittarius Beauty Look Book!

What's Coming Up This Month For Sagittarius Glossies?


When it comes to love, you are spontaneous and adventure-seeking! So, this month, whether you're in a relationship or just on the dating scene, you're fun-loving side will come out in full force. A surprise date night or a fun night in will not only bring you closer to another person, it will also be super memorable and an experience you both needed!


You're having a great time in your career at the moment and this month, you will have the opportunity to do something a little different with your job. You’ll be hesitant at first, as it's something out of the norm, but embrace it. Taking you out of the normal day to day and giving you a new experience that not only is fun but also beneficial for your career, will be a huge boost.


Sags, we know you have lots of hobbies! This month your love of cooking will take over your free time. From binging cooking shows on Netflix, to grabbing your apron and getting in the kitchen, over the next few weeks you’ll create and finesse your new signature dish.


This month you are going to be really focused on looking after yourself through exercise, and especially exercise outside. There are so many benefits to walking, running or hiking and being outside gives you that added peace you desire. If that's not your thing, then step into your garden or local park for a breath of fresh air. After a month you'll both see and feel the benefits!

What's Happening For Our Other Fire Signs This Month?


Aries, we know you keep it real 100% of the time. So remember this later in the month. That realness and honesty will be needed to support and help a close friend - even if they don't think they need to hear it, they probably do.


Nothing new for you Leos, but this month you may get yourselves in a sticky situation. But don't worry. You’ll utilise the charm that you're known for and get yourself out of it with no scars.

To showcase your firey side, use no other than the INC.redible Chilli Lips Feeling Fire. It’ll soon be your new favourite plumping lip gloss. INC.redible guarantees juicy volume, hydration and sexy shine. How? Well this is created by spicy actives that stimulate your lips for a fuller, more firey look. The lippie can be worn alone for sheer, tinted coverage or as a topper to any of your favourite lipsticks too!

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Water Signs This November and Beyond


Unexpected excitement is calling you this month. You'll get invited or fall into a unique experience that you will not be able to say no to. It may even involve music - and we know all Cancer glossies are music lovers. 


You know the saying 'actions speak louder than words'? Well, this is your mantra for the month. Not only will you look for this from your peers, but you'll also have a moment early this month where your actions will mean so much more to a colleague and speak much louder than any words you could have used. 


This month romance is in the air for Scorpio's! Whether you're in a new or long term relationship or single - a perfect, romantic date night is headed your way, and don't think you can plan for it - the evening will come out of blue and be the best part of your week!

For our wonderful water signs this month, the L'Oréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Wonder Water 8 Second Hair Treatment is the perfect way to celebrate your wonderful sign! This amazing liquid conditioner transforms your hair in just eight seconds! Yes, you heard me right! Use on your lengths after shampooing - massage for eight seconds, then rinse. What's better is it is suitable for all hair types. Even glossies with the most damaged hair will be left with smooth strands, gorgeous shine and super soft locks!

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What's In Store For Air Signs?


An important decision needs to be made by you Libra. Now you do tend to take a long time to make a decision, however this month, the situation won't be able to wait. You'll need to think on your feet, stay calm and go with your gut. 


You know you're good at keeping your feelings inside, but this month girl, you need to let it all out. You will be in a deep conversation with a friend sometime over the next 30 days, that you'll feel is the right occasion to talk through your feelings and get support from someone you love. Trust me, after, you'll feel a weight has been lifted.


Geminis, you’re always on the go. However, during November and early December, you’ll get the opportunity to take some for yourself. Make sure you embrace it and basque in the quiet.

This month air signs need to chill and take time for themselves. And there's no better way to do this than with a pamper session. To do so, you’ll need to start with a freshly cleansed face. So, look no further than the GLOSSYBOX Skincare Gentle Foaming Cleanser. This fragrance-free cleanser cleans and refreshes with every use, removing impurities and dirt, but not stripping away moisture. ​With three unique ingredients too - cactus stem, resurrection leaf and kangaroo paw flower extracts - this cleanser soothes, moisturises, hydrates and freshens the skin.​


Earth Signs This November


This month Taurians, you'll be living your best life! You know you live in the moment and do not plan ahead, so when a surprise outing comes into your path, don't hesitate. Grab your bag and go! It'll be the highlight of your month!


You're a natural-born detective, and this month, those investigating skills will come in handy! A family member will require your help and they'll come to you for your brilliant and unmatched sleuthing skills. So, go for it! 


Capricorns, this month is so exciting for you! A new experience is coming your way, and when you least expect it. This may be in a workplace environment, so stay alert at all times. I know you'll be drawn to this new experience - so enjoy!

All Earth signs are very busy this month. So, Glossies, I have found the perfect product for you! The Garnier Natural Vegan Rose Soothing Hydrating Glow Mist. Take this with you on the go and whenever your skin needs a dewy, hydration boost, spray the mist 15cm from your face and enjoy the benefits! This pretty, floral smelling mist has been formulated with pure rose water so it calms, soothes and improves your complexion's moisture, which not only hydrates but also leaves you with a luminous glow.

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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!