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How To Create A Pur-fect Cat Eye Eyeliner Look!

How To Create A Pur-fect Cat Eye Eyeliner Look!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer3 years ago
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It's International Cat Day Glossies, and we’re sending love and good vibes to all the cat mom's out there - me included!

So, to celebrate this feline day, we are going to teach you how to create the perfect cat eye. And one with some serious c-ATTITUDE! 

A flawless feline wing is sure to add drama. It’s a glamorous accessory too,and is so on trend right now!So, if you want to give this look a go yourself, here's my easy four step guide on how to create the purrrrrfect cat eye.And our Beauty Editor Emily is going to show you how easy it is to follow along - thanks Em! 

It takes practice, a steady hand and confidence to create the perfect wing! But you can do this Glossies! 

How To Create A Perfect Cat Eye Eyeliner Look

You cannot start an eye look without using an eye primer. This will keep your eyeliner in place all day! All that hard work getting both wings to match (not a struggle anymore after this tutorial!) will pay off when they last for hours! At £5, the Barry M Cosmetics Lid Lock Eyeshadow Primer blends effortlessly onto your lids for a smooth canvas for your eye make up.

Top Tip: For best results, use your fingertips to blend your primer. The heat from your hands warms the product slightly, making it easier to apply. Once applied, you are all set to start your wing. Also, if you want an eyeshadow look with your wing, apply your eyeshadows down first, ready for the wing to be applied on top.

Cat Eye Eyeliner Tutorial: Step One

You’ll want to start off with an angled brush and a dark eyeshadow. Unless you're advanced in the winged liner field, never go straight in with liner! Using a dark shadow first you can create your guide, ready for your pigmented liner to be applied. Follow your lower lash line from inner corner to outer corner, and once at the outer corner, press down your brush to your skin. From here, follow an imaginary line going to the end of your brow, applying a line of the shadow in this direction. You go girl - you now have your template for your wing. So fur, so good!


Top Tip: If you are struggling, put a brush at the end of your brow, making sure the brush is touching your nostril too - this will give you the angle for your wing. With your other hand use the brush and shadow - with your new guide - to draw on your wing.

My favourite brush to use is Spectrum Collections A17 Winged Eyeliner Brush.Under £5, this ultra-soft brush is perfect for step one (and two!). With it's soft yet firm bristles and angled brush head, this precise brush is key to creating a flawless cat eye!

Cat Eye Eyeliner Tutorial: Step Two

Now you have your starting line, you need to connect the wing to your eyelid. Using the same brush with the shadow, create a line from the tip of your wing to your eyelid. You can choose how far you bring your wing in. You could either stop at the middle of your upper lash line or, for a softer look, stop a quarter of the way in. Once applied, you now have your full wing shape mastered!

If you’d prefer your cat eye with just eyeshadow, then leave it here and fill in the gaps. Or, follow our next steps for a dramatic, sexy cat eye with liner!

Cat Eye Eyeliner Tutorial: Step Three

Now you have your shadow template, you can go over this with your liner. This is it! Here we go!

Take your liner and hold it like you are about to write with it. Turn your wrist so your little finger is facing you and place your hand gently on your face, with your little finger being first to rest just below the apple of your cheek. This’ll give you a steady hand to draw your wing.

Stamp your liner onto your shadow template, mirroring what you did in step one. Once happy with this, copy step two, connecting your fresh liner to your eye lid and fill in the gaps!


You now have your wing! How easy was that? So paw-some!Don't fur-get to always looking forward and not down when applying too, as this can affect the look and shape of your wing.Top Tip: Keep some cotton buds and eye make up remover to hand. If you make a mistake, don't worry! You can use a cotton bud to fix anything! 

Cat Eye Eyeliner Tutorial:Step Four

Your wing is on and looking fierce! It's dry too, so all you need to do now is finish the look by adding your favourite mascara and your eye look will be complete!


My current favorite is Tik Tok superstar Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara. I'm sure you already know all about this - we reviewed this Maybelline mascara on the GLOSSYBOX blog already as we love it so much!

The flex tower brush is so flexible! It bends to coat and volumise every lash making it the perfect match to a dramatic, glamorous wing!

My Top Five Favourite Liners Under £8!

wet n wild megaliner Liquid Eyeliner - Black

For £2.99, this eyeliner is a steal! Infused with metallic pearl pigments, your cat eye will have a multi-dimensional shine and as it’s water resistant, it’ll last all day! "You've got to be kitten me!"

Rimmel Wonder'Ink Liquid Eye Liner - Black

This eyeliner has been formulated to be smudge proof! Glossies, you'll love this too - it's fast drying and dries matte! This wing isn't going anywhere honey!

Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eye Liner - Velvet Black

This Max Factor eyeliner glides onto your eyes so smoothly and with the exact precision we need. Its unique paddle shaped tip can help you create those fine lines for a day cat eye or those dramatic, thick wings you want for a night out too!

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner Travel Size

Highly pigmentedand waterproof, this Eyeko liner - that’s only £5 -  really packs a punch. And, as it’s travel size, it's much easier to control the pen and get that precise wing you’re dreaming of!

ZOEVA Cat Eye Pen - Blackest Black

This liner is in my top five for its flexibility! The tip moves along with you and follows exactly where you're going, so no mistakes will be made! This liner is buildable too, so simply add another layer on your wing to go from day to night!

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