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Our New Sleep & Refresh Skincare Set Works Wonders While You Slumber!

Our New Sleep & Refresh Skincare Set Works Wonders While You Slumber!
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor3 years ago
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Ever wish you could simply go to bed and wake up with beautiful skin? Well now you can! Every morning in spring, and every morning afterwards, you can wake up feeling refreshed... Why? Because beauty sleep just got a whole new meaning with our new GLOSSYBOX Skincare Sleep & Refresh set!

Made up of three hard-working skincare saviours, the GLOSSYBOX Skincare Sleep & Refresh set address all sorts of skincare problems - including a dull complexion and dark under eyes.

From Monday 12th April, you can get your hands on our Sleep & Refresh skincare set for only £24! Or, if you're a GLOSSYBOX subscriber, you can take advantage of your exclusive discount and get your set for only £18! As this set has a worth value of £49, that’s an incredible saving!


What’s In The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Sleep & Refresh Set? 

The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Sleep & Refresh Set features our Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser, Eye Boost Cream and Night Serum. Together these three products will clean, moisturise and refresh skin - all whilst you're fast asleep!

How To Use These Products In Your Evening Skincare Routine  

Not sure how to use these products to build an effective night time skincare routineHere’s how...


Step 1: Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser 

Micellar water is the holy grail of cleansing. Gently nourishing, purifying and softening skin without stripping away moisture, a combination of key ingredients makes this skincare product a must-have. Micelles help to cleanse away dirt and excess oils from your pores, while blueberry seed oil and cactus stem extract work to hydrate, soothe and moisturise. 

Simply massage an almond-sized amount of this cleansing gel into damp skin then, once clean, pat your face dry with a clean flannel, towel or muslin cloth. For an even deeper, double cleanse, repeat again!


Step 2: Eye Boost Cream 

This super lightweight, fast-absorbing formula reduces the appearance of dark circles and depuffs your under-eye area, to leave your skin looking fresh. Elderflower extract brightens dark areas, while eyebright plant extract works to refresh tired, puffy eyes. Red seaweed also creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture around your delicate eye area.

To get the most from this cream, apply three small dots to your under-eye area, gently patting the product into the skin – from your eyes up towards your temples.


Step 3: Night Serum 

This targeted overnight serum deeply nourishes and brightens your skin whilst you slumber. During your sleep, glycolic acid wipes away dead skin cells and illuminates, blueberry oil works to leave your skin feeling super hydrated and Persian silk tree extract reduces any signs of fatigue. Your skin will be visibly brighter when you wake! 

Super-easy to use, simply massage a pea-sized amount of the GLOSSYBOX Night Serum onto cleansed, toned and slightly damp skin before bed.


More About GLOSSYBOX Skincare  

Want to read more about the GLOSSYBOX Skincare range and the benefits using these products can have for your complexion? On our blog you’ll be able to read the story behind GLOSSYBOX Skincare as well as follow our step-by-step routines for your skin type:   

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Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor
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