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GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit: Dr. Dennis Gross & First Aid Beauty

GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit

There’s not long to go now before the GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit goes on sale! Filled with 12 products worth over £95, it includes everything you need to make the most of the sunny months ahead! 

If you don’t believe me, check out the other ten products featured inside here. In the meantime though, let’s introduce you to the last two skincare must-haves nestled within.  

A Daily Peel For Radiant Skin 

Summer is the perfect time to reset and recharge your skin. That’s why the next two products in the GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit will treat and repair your complexion, starting with a gentle peel.  

Introducing the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel 

The Dr.Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel  is a fast-acting, two-step daily treatment that will revive your skin. Use it every day and you’ll really start to see a difference in your skin.  

  • Step 1 is a blend of AHAs and BHAs that lifts away dead skin cells and impurities. Don’t worry, these powerful exfoliating acids are very gentle and can be used on sensitive, fragile skin.  
  • Step 2 then works to control the acids from step 1. It infuses your skin with antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and soothe your skin, whilst calming colloidal oatmeal comforts and protects your complexion.  

With regular use, this peeling treatment can do wonders for your skin. 

Why You Should Peel 

Even if you have sensitive skin, exfoliation is crucial, as it will: 

  • Make your pores look smaller.
  • Fade the appearance of fine lines.
  • Even out your skin tone.
  • Help your other skincare products to absorb faster.
  • Give you a smoother base over which to apply your makeup.

Essentially, it will give you beautiful, radiant and calmed skin! 

How To Use This Two-Step Peel 

This two-step peel will give you professionallooking results at home. All you need to do is: 

  • Massage step 1 onto your clean, dry skin until the pad is dry.
  • Wait two minutes.
  • Massage step 2 into your skin until the pad is dry.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Follow up with a moisturiser or serum.

Insider Tip: When you first start using it, apply it every other day so that your skin becomes acclimated.  

Now that your skin has been freshly exfoliated, it’s time to lock in some moisture. Luckily, we’d thought of that and have included the perfect product in the GLOSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit 

A Light-As-Air Moisturiser 

Every day, your skin goes through a lot. Whilst it boasts a natural protective outer layer that helps to lock in hydration and block out environmental aggressors (like pollution, bacteria, irritants and allergens), this barrier becomes weaker when you exfoliate. So, after using your peel above, make sure you follow up with a restoring moisturiser. The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream will do the trick nicely. 

About The Ultra Repair BarriAIR Cream 

Filled with lipids that mimic the natural composition of your skin barrier, this light-as-air moisturiser helps to fortify that barrier and maintain its healthy state: 

  • Ceramides, a lipid that naturally occurs in your skin, helps to strengthen your skin barrier and moisturise your complexion.
  • Linoleic acid, another lipid that naturally occurs in your skin, helps to fortify and restore your skin barrier too.
  • Triple weight hyaluronic acid draws moisture into your skin.
  • A unique adaptive hydration technology helps your skin to replenish its moisture levels.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E help calm, soothe and condition your skin.

Better yet, this cream boasts an innovative Oxygen technology that helps to deliver actives more deeply into your skin. The result? A healthy, balanced complexion that is deeply hydrated and protected. 

For Best Results… 

To make the most of your cream, apply it onto clean, toned skin morning and night. It is particularly effective after having exfoliated.  

And that’s all the products from the GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit! Want to get yours? Here’s how… 

How To Purchase The Kit 

The GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit will go on sale on Friday, 31st of July at 9am for subscribers and at 12pm-lunchtime that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £30 for subscribers and £35 for non-subscribers. So, don’t forget to subscribe to claim your exclusive price and get priority access! 

Full Product Guide To Come 

Now that I’ve unveiled the full contents of this Limited Edition, I’ll remind you of them all in our product guide in a couple of days.  In the meantime, you can read about the ten other sneak peeks below:

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