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Limited Edition

Summer Essentials Kit: Holika Holika & Palmer’s

Summer Essentials Kit: Holika Holika & Palmer’s
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Did you know that the soon-to-be-launched Summer Essentials Kit is filled with 12 products worth over £95? It is the perfect companion for your summer adventures and includes everything you need to make the most of the sunny months ahead!  

I’ve already revealed eight of the products featured in this Limited Edition (you can read those here). Now, though, it’s time to unveil two more. Whether you’re enjoying a staycation or braving travelling abroad, these two will be invaluable in the sunny weather 

A Soothing Aloe Vera Gel 

When you spend a lot of time in the sun (even with SPF on) your skin takes a beating. Sunburns, dryness and cracking are all common side effects. Of course, you can easily remedy these with the right moisturiser – and that’s where the Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel comes in! 

The Secret To Soft, Velvety Skin 

Formulated with Aloe vera extract, this lightweight body moisturiser can help to: 

  • Relieve sunburnt skin by reducing inflammation and eliminating pain 
  • Prevent sunburnt skin from peeling 
  • Deeply hydrate dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and velvety 

You see, its gel formula penetrates deep within your skin to moisturise and soothe it. Better yet, it doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue! Simply apply it onto your dry, clean body as often as you like (I’d recommend applying it in the evening after your shower), wait for it to absorb fully, then get dressed as usual. You can also use it on your face.  

Insider Tip: This gel also helps to reduce discomfort and irritation after shaving. So, when you’re ready to flaunt your legs, grab your razor, achieve silky smooth skin, then apply this moisturiser to soothe and hydrate.   

Who Are Holika Holika? 

If you haven’t heard of Holika Holika before, allow me to introduce you. A Korean beauty brand created in 2010, Holika Holika is all about fun, practical products that enhance your natural beauty. Plus, their products are made with the finest ingredients and latest Korean technology, so you can be sure that they’re doing wonders for your skin! 

Now that your face and body are covered, it’s time to focus on that bit of skin we all tend to neglect: our lips. 

A Protective Lip Balm 

Did you know that the skin on our lips is much thinner than on the rest of our body? On top of that, our lips also have fewer oil glands and don’t produce melanin (the pigment that protects your skin from UV rays) which means that they have little natural protection from the sun, cold, wind or dry air. So, when you’re out and about in the sun all day, you really do need a lip balm on - preferably one that is infused with SPF. 

Meet Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lip Balm SPF 15 

If you’re looking for an SPF-infused lip balm, you can’t beat the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Lip Balm SPF 15Formulated with ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil, as well as Tahitian monoi infused with Tiare flower petals, it is filled with raw, natural ingredients that moisturise your lips, leaving them soft and pampered 

Simply glide the creamy balm onto your lips and it will keep them hydrated all day long. It will also protect them from the sun and wind, preventing chapping and crackingFeel free to apply and reapply it as often as you think is necessary! 

About Palmer’s 

If you’re a long time GLOSSYBOX subscriber, you’ll know how much we love Palmer’s products. Since 1840, they have been using cocoa butter and coconut oil to develop top quality products that enhance your natural beauty yet are still affordable. You can find out more about them here 

In the meantime, don’t forget to order your Summer Essentials Kit so that you’re prepared for the sunny days ahead!  

How To Purchase The Kit 

The GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit will go on sale on Friday, 31st of July at 9am for subscribers and at 12pm-lunchtime that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £30 for subscribers and £35 for non-subscribers. So, don’t forget to subscribe to claim your exclusive price and get priority access! 

Product Reveals To Come 

I’ll be unveiling the full contents of this Limited Edition on our blog and across our social channels. Stay tuned for two more reveals tomorrow! You can also catch up on the first eight sneak peeks:

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Writer and expert
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