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Limited Edition

Summer Essentials Kit: Hawaiian Tropic, Nails.INC & MUA

Summer Essentials Kit: Hawaiian Tropic, Nails.INC & MUA
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This Limited Edition and it is the perfect companion for your summer adventures! Filled with 12 products worth over £95, the GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit includes everything you need to make the most of the sunny months ahead – and if you don’t believe me, check out your first sneak peeks below 

All three of these products can be used together to create the ultimate summer look 

1. A Shimmery Body Mist From Hawaiian Tropic  

A shimmery body mist is an essential companion throughout summer. Lightweight and beautifully fragranced, they coat your skin in a delicate summery scent that isn’t overpowering. Of course, when it comes to body mist, idoesn't get much better than the Hawaiian Tropic Aloha Coco Shimmer Edition! 

Why You’ll Love It 

If you haven’t tried this product before, you really are missing out. You’ll love it for two key reasons: 

  • The Sumptuous Scent: Boasting a gorgeous coconut and musk scent, this body mist will make you feel like you’re on an exotic island. You know that incomparable fragrance of sun-soaked summer nights? Hawaiian Tropic have somehow managed to bottle it!  
  • The Shimmery Finish: The best thing about this body mist, though, has to be that it is filled with biodegradable glitter that settles on the skin and gives it a luscious sheen 

With this body mist, you’ll not only smell great, but you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin too!  

How To Use Your Body Mist 

As it has such a delicate scent (unlike some overpowering perfumes, for example) you can apply this mist as often as you like. Simply hold it 20 to 30cm away from your body and spritz it freely onto your skin. You can do this before getting dressed for an all-over shimmer or use it throughout the day to add a targeted sheenBetter yet, every time you spray it, you’ll be left feeling really refreshed!  

Now that your body is fully prepared, we can start to focus on the details of your look, starting with your nails! 

2. A Nails.INC Summery Nail Polish 

That’s right! The GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit features two Nails.INC polishes. Whichever hue you receive, your polish will add a summery pop of colour to your cuticles. 

Which Shade Will You Receive? 

We couldn’t choose our favourite shade, so we selected two summery hues to include. You’ll either get: 

  • Cheeky Bird: This full-coverage brilliant turquoise nail polish would perfectly complement a summery look. Just throw on some blue jean shorts, a flowy white top and some turquoise jewellery and you’ve got yourself a winner! 
  • Gimme A Peck: This full-coverage neon pink hue is a great choice if you’re flaunting a long skirt or a summer dress. It's elegant and feminine, but with a touch of 80s flair.  

Either way, these polishes will give you gorgeous looking nails in no time! Plus they are formulated with Nails.INC’s longwear system to ensure a chip-free, glossy manicure for days!

How To Use Your Nails.INC Nail Polish 

One of the best things about Nails.INC is that all their polishes feature their signature hugging brush. Designed to cover your whole nail in just two swipes, it makes achieving a professional-looking result effortless 

  1. Apply A Base Coat: To make your polish last even longer, you should always apply a base coat first (it will also protect your nail and prevent it from getting stained). I’d recommend using the Nails.INC Superfood NailKale base coat. One layer will do.  
  2. Apply Your Polish: Next, you should apply two coats of your coloured polish. Start from your cuticle and sweep up towards the tip. It should only take 2 or 3 strokes to cover your nail.  
  3. Finish With A Top CoatTo protect your polish, finish with a single top coat. For this, I’d recommend the Nails.INC 45 Second Top Coat With Kensington Caviar 

With your beautiful nails sorted, it doesn’t take much else to create the ultimate summer look. A touch of lipstick will do the trick nicely.  

3. Moisturising Satin Lipstick 

In the summer, you need to keep your lips hydrated but it’s also nice to add a bit of colour. That’s where your third sneak peek comes in!  

The MUA Cosmetics Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick is a full coverage, soft and creamy lippy that glides effortlessly onto your lips, covering them in moisture and a gorgeous touch of colourTrust us when we say that you’ll love it. I mean, it wasn’t shortlisted for the Pure Beauty Awards 2019 for no reason! 

Making The Most Of Your Lipstick 

Who doesn’t love a versatile lipstick? The great thing about this lippy is that it works for both day and night. 

  • A Soft Day LookApply a light coat onto clean dry lips, then smack your lips together. This will create a plush finish with a soft sheen. 
  • A Glamorous Night Look: To amplify your look (it’s nice to feel glamorous from time to time), give your pout a little extra attention. Start by lining your lips with a lip pencil that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your MUA lippy, then fill them in using your lipstick. For an even shinier finish, add a touch of lipgloss over the top.  

Your lips now looking fabulous, your nails done and your skin glowing, I’d say that you’re on your way to having a great summer! Don’t miss out on these three great products. Get your GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit... 

How To Purchase The Kit 

The GLOSSYBOX Summer Essentials Kit will go on sale on Friday, 31st of July at 9am for subscribers and at 12pm-lunchtime that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £30 for subscribers and £35 for non-subscribers. So, don’t forget to subscribe to claim your exclusive price and get priority access! 

Product Reveals To Come 

I’ll be unveiling the full contents of this Limited Edition on our blog and across our social channels. Stay tuned for two more reveals tomorrow!

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