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Natalie Denise Of Gloss And Tingles Joins The GLOSSY Circle

Natalie Denise Of Gloss And Tingles Joins The GLOSSY Circle
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Can you believe that you’ve now met nine members of The GLOSSY Circle? Well, with no further ado, it’s time to introduce you to the tenth and final beauty lover to join our team. Say hello to Natalie Denise!

Gloss And Tingles ASMR

A huge advocate of all things natural and cruelty-free, Natalie strongly believes in being kind to yourself, inside and out. She cares for her body by opting for organic beauty products and practices ASMR to care for her mind. I caught up with her for a chat…

An Interview With Natalie Denise of Gloss And Tingles ASMR

Q: You’re A Strong Advocate Of Natural And Cruelty-Free Products. Can You Recommend Any Brands That Fit Your Ethos?

A: There are loads of great organic, natural and cruelty-free brands out there. I’m a big fan of Dr.Organics but, to be honest, when it comes to skincare, I like to just go straight to the source. I use coconut oil from the supermarket!

Coconut oil is a great way of removing makeup while also hydrating your skin.

It’s a multi-purpose miracle worker. I can have a full face of makeup on and it will wash it all off! I just lather it over my whole complexion, massage it into my skin, then use a cloth to carefully wash it off. It removes all of my makeup in one go (no need to double cleanse!). Plus, it’s full of nourishing fatty acids that help to keep my skin moisturised.

Q: What About Haircare?

A: *Natalie laughs*. I’m going to have to say coconut oil again. It works great as a hair mask too.

You just need to heat it up so that it melts, then carefully apply it to your hair from roots to tips. I use a colour brush and divide my hair into sections to do this. It’s the easiest way of ensuring that every hair is covered. I then wrap my hair in a warm towel and leave it on for up to an hour (it needs at least 30 minutes).

I then rinse it out and wash my hair with shampoo. It makes my tresses look seriously hydrated and shiny.

Q: Let's Talk Makeup Then! You Can’t Use Coconut Oil For That.

A: Only to set my brows *Natalie laughs*.

When it comes to makeup, I like a glamorous bronzed look. I apply the NYX Bare With Me foundation as my base, then use bronzer to contour my cheekbones and forehead. I also apply it as an eyeshadow in the crease of my eyes. Finally, I finish the look off with a little lip gloss. I love NYX’s Butter Gloss!

Q: Natural Beauty Products Aren’t Your Only Passion Though. What About ASMR?

A: I started my own Gloss And Tingles ASMR channel about nine months ago. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a relaxing sensation triggered by certain sights and sounds, such as whispering, hair brushing, light tapping and scratching. It creates the same chills and ‘tingling’ sensation as having someone play with your hair or trace your back with their fingertips.

I first discovered ASMR because I was struggling to get to sleep. I’ve always loved getting my hair brushed so I watched an ASMR hairdressing video and found it so relaxing.

The ASMR community has really helped me, so I wanted to give back by starting my own channel to help others. Through it, I’ve met an incredible community of people who build each other up. It's so important that we support each other to find our goals and passions!

Don’t forget to follow Natalie on Instagramand YouTube to see all of her amazing videos.

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