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How To Pull Off Every Shade Of Lipstick

How To Pull Off Every Shade Of Lipstick
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Can you ever have too many shades of lipsticks? We sure don’t think so! In fact, we had so much trouble picking a favourite hue that we decided to fill our December ‘Merry Metallics’ GLOSSYBOX with a range of gorgeous creamy mattes, shiny semi-mattes and glossy lip stains in a variety of colours courtesy of L.O.V Cosmetics. Here’s how to pull off your shade…

Note: For all of the below tutorials, let's assume that you've already applied a base (foundation, concealer, you know what I mean) or are going bare-faced.

How To Pull Off Red Lipstick

While some lipstick shades come and go with the ever-changing trends of the beauty world, red is one of those colours that will never be replaced.

Classic and elegant, a red lip adds a pop of colour to any outfit. Mostly, though, it perfectly complements an LBD.

Going overboard with colour when you're flaunting a red lipstick is a massive faux pas. To avoid any mishaps, here's the best way to wear red lipstick:

  • Shape your brows: Trust me, a well-groomed brow will frame your face and balance out your bold lip. Use a spoolie to comb and shape your brows, then fill them in using a brow pencil or gel.
  • Draw on a winged eye: It’s a classic. From Taylor Swift to Adele, flaunting a red lip with a winged eye is a staple in the beauty world. Apply liner along your lash line, working from the outer corner of your eyes inwards, then extend the liner past the outer corner and create a pointed end.
  • Apply your lipstick: Start by lining your lips (either with a lip pencil or a makeup brush) then fill them in. It’s a foolproof look!
how to wear red lipstick
Sylvie is wearing L.O.V LIPaffair Matte 910 Showstopper

How To Enhance Your Look With A Nude Lippy

Personally, I’d opt for a lipstick over any other makeup product any day. Of course, I realise that many of you might favour eyeshadow. If you swear by your smokey eye, then you should use a pinky nude lippy to enhance your look.

A nude lipstick with pink undertones acts as the glue that brings your whole makeup look together.

The great thing about a nude lip is that you can wear it with pretty much any makeup. Whether you just want to flaunt a casual no-makeup makeup look or you’re applying the perfect finishing touch to your multi-layered look, a pinky-nude always has you covered!

  • Your smokey eye’s BFF: Start by applying a full face of makeup. We’re talking foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter and a gorgeous smokey. Then, to top off the look, apply your lipstick.
How to pull off nude lipstick
Elle is wearing L.O.V. LIPaffair Matte 930 in Love Potion

How To Pull Off Purple Lipstick

Some of you will have been treated to a purple-toned lipstick or lip stain. While purple can seem a little intimidating, rest assured that this gorgeous hue is actually the perfect colour for every skin tone.

Did you know that purple is on the border between warm and cool-toned, meaning that it flatters all skin tones?

If you’re going to flaunt a purple lipstick, then you need to think of it as an accessory. The same way those statement earrings or that big-buckled belt do all the talking for your outfit, a purple lipstick is the centre-piece of your makeup. Here’s how to pull off the look:

  • To tie the look together: Apply a plum-coloured blush to the apples of your cheeks and a few strokes of mascara to your lashes OR a plum-coloured eyeliner to your waterline, then add a few lashings of mascara.
  • Keep it clean: If that sounds a little too bold for you, keep the rest of your makeup very neutral. We’re talking well-defined brows, then a touch of mascara and highlighter. That’s it. Remember, you want your lipstick to stand out.
how to pull of purple lipstick
Elle is wearing L.O.V. LIPaffair 543 Derya's Dark Plum

How To Embrace The Brown Lippy Trend

A throwback to the nineties, brown lipsticks have made a comeback. As they boast earthy tones, they warm up your complexion, assuming you complement them with the right hues.

Nothing counterbalances cold winter days like a warm makeup look. That’s where your brown lippy comes in.

Here's how to make the most of your brown lippy:

  • A warming eye look: Pair your lipstick with a caramel-toned eyeshadow look which is accentuated by a brown eyeliner (one shade darker than your lipstick) and a few lashings of (brown) mascara.
  • A natural, bronzed glow: Give your complexion a glowy or rosy radiance by applying a soft pink blush or a shimmery brown contour to your cheekbones.
  • You’re ready to flaunt your brown lippy!
how to pull off brown lipstick
Elle is wearing L.O.V. LIPaffair Matte 900 in Nude Devotion

About Your L.O.V. Cosmetics Lipstick

Whether you received their THE FATEFUL lacquered lip stain, LIPaffair color & care lipstick matte, or LIPaffair color & care lipstick (semi-matte), you can be sure that your lippy will deliver some seriously long-lasting colour.

Thanks to their pampering formulas, they glide effortlessly onto your lips. Your lip stain will create a highgloss finish, while the LIPaffair lipstick leaves a subtle shine and the LIPaffair matte creates a smooth, sleek effect.

Now that you know how to pull off all of their best shades, you can explore their full range here.

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