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An Interview With Aisha of The GLOSSY Circle

An Interview With Aisha of The GLOSSY Circle
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Aisha is the latest beauty lover to join The GLOSSY Circle! A mum of three who was reluctant to step out of her comfort zone after having children, Aishaused makeup as a way to pick herself up again and rebuild her confidence. Get ready Glossies, because her passion for makeup is about to inspire you too.

A Chat With The GLOSSY Circle's Aisha

Q: How Did Makeup Help You To Rebuild Confidence?

A: When you have kids, they become the priority in your life and you can forget who you used to be before you had them.

Experimenting with makeup has been a really empowering experience.

Now that my kids are starting to grow up (I have two boys who are 13 and 9, and a little girl who is 3), I decided that I needed to find myself again. Experimenting with makeup and figuring out what looked good on me allowed me to do that.

Q: Is That Why You Started Your YouTube Channel?

A: I started my YouTube channel earlier this year because I wanted to share the experience with other people who are passionate about beauty. I love being able to recommend products and share my opinion.

Trying out new products has been really exciting, particularly as brands are now under pressure to cater to different skin tones. I could never find anything in my shade a few years back, but now brands are working hard to be more inclusive.

Q: Have You Got Any Of Your Own Tips To Share?

A: I have Caribbean hair, which is the thinnest hair in the world. It’s very fragile and dry, and I have to treat my scalp as a top priority. No one really talks about how to care for it though. So, if anyone asks me about it, I always recommend using Wella. They do a terrific scalp treatment, though it can be a bit pricey.

If you want to look after Caribbean hair, you can't beat coconut oil.

If you want something cheaper, I’d suggest just buying some coconut or olive oil from your local supermarket. You can run a good dose of oil through your hair, then steam your locks so that the follicles open up and the oil can be better absorbed.

I leave it in for about 10 minutes, then rinse it out with cold water to close the follicles. It's the best and most inexpensive way of looking after Caribbean hair.

Q: What About Makeup?

A: When it comes to makeup, I don’t feel like I’m ready until I’ve applied my highlighter. It’s my favourite product to use. I particularly like the Fenty Beauty one. It’s so highly-pigmented and shows up so well, even on darker skin.

If I've got my highlighter on, I feel like I can take on the world.

As I like to experiment with makeup, I also quite like mixing products together to create a new (and hopefully improved) one. I’ve been crushing highlighter into my setting spray for an all-over, dewy glow. It’s my favourite trick!

Don’t forget to follow Aisha on Instagram and YouTube to see all of her amazing videos.

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Writer and expert
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