Seven Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sheer panic when you open your peepers and discover you’ve overslept and have roughly 10 minutes to get out the door. Suddenly, that leisurely morning routine you had going on is out the window and you have to cut as many corners as possible and get ready super speedy. So much for having the time to carefully apply your makeup and style your locks, it’s up with the messy bun and on with a quick slick of mascara. beauty routine

We don’t know about you, but this scenario has happened to us a few too many times. On the bright side, we now have a few tricks up our sleeve for when we’ve hit the snooze button, to ensure we still walk out the door looking our best.

Here are seven get-ready-quick tips from the Glossy team…

Double up
Products that work double duty are a saving grace when you’re in a rush. We’re particular fans of lip and cheek tints, as they pep up your complexion in a few seconds flat. Dab a little on your lips and cheeks, dab in and voila – an instant dash of colour!
We love: Emite Lip & Cheek Tint, £12.50

Freshen up your locks
A decent dry shampoo will leave your hair looking freshly washed within one spritz. They work their magic to soak up excess oil, but the powder texture is also great for providing a quick root lift if you’re lacking volume.
We love: Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo, £22

Fast dry your talons
Chipped nails? No problem. Give them a quick touch up and fast forward the dry time with a speed drying spray. In fact, we love this so much we’re even using it when we’re not in a rush – waiting for your nails to dry can be a little tedious, after all.
We love: Leighton Denny Miracle Mist Speed Drying Spray, £11

Combine forces
Multi-hued illuminating palettes provide endless possibilities. The highlighting hue can be used to give your complexion a healthy glow, while the pinkish tones are perfect dusted over your eyes! What’s more, they can be used to set foundation or as a touch up throughout the day!
We love: MAC Cosmetics Skinfinish in Otherearthly, £24

Overnight styling
Texturising spray is a dream if you have a habit of oversleeping, as it’s a ultra quick way to add style to your mane. Simply spray texturising spray on your locks when you wake up, give them a scrunch and you’ll be left with subtle beachy waves!

We love: Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Grunge Glamour Tousled Salt Spray, £6

A quick slick of rouge
If you’re really strapped for time, pull all the focus to your lips with a dash of red lipstick. This means you can, if you need to, skip applying your other makeup while still adding a bit of colour to your face.
We love: The Balm Long Lasting Lipstick in Adoring, £13.50

Need a root touch up?
If you haven’t had time to visit the salon and your roots are a little too grown out, we have the perfect trick for you! Haircare brands have started to cotton onto the backstage trick for using eyeshadow to conceal roots, so now you can get your hands on little palettes to do just this. Essentially, they blend away your roots for a flawless colour.
We love: John Freida Colour Blending Root Blur, £9.99



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