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Body Positive Influencers Remind Us That Everybody Has A Bikini Body

Body Positive Influencers Remind Us That Everybody Has A Bikini Body
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Confession time Glossies: I hate the term ‘bikini body ready’ – and based on the latest comments and reactions on social media to ITV’s show Love Island, so do a lot of other women and body positive influencers. The reality show’s lack of body diversity recently sparked a large debate about the damaging expectations that TV and social media place on women to look a certain way and have a certain body type.

So, as a way to remind you that natural is beautiful and that women come in all shapes and sizes, I’ve compiled a list of three body positive influencers you should follow to make you feel empowered. Let's embrace National Bikini Day Glossies!

Four Body Positive Influencers To Follow

1. The Em Edit

Yorkshire-born Em is a self-defined ‘plus size wearing, tall, big-footed lover of vintage, gaudy prints and all things snazzy’. Her Instagram is full of snapshots of her wearing swimwear and lingerie with empowering captions written in her Yorkshire tone.

Some parts of my body go in and some parts go out and that’s ok because that’s just how it is innit? Not going to let it stop me wearing a swimming cossie or owt and nor should you.

She believes that your body shape shouldn’t prevent you from wearing the clothes that you love, so embrace your body Glossies and flaunt whatever bikini makes you feel confident!

2. Charli Howard

A so-called ‘plus-size’ model, author and body activist from South-East London, Charli Howard regularly posts images of herself in lingerie and swimming costumes, showing off, as she told Hello! Magazine in July 2018, her ‘tummy that never seems to go away, no matter how many sit-ups [she does]’.

Charli’s messages of self-love and empowerment are inspiring women all over the world. One follower commented:

Thank you for helping me feel so much better about my own body. You’re so beautiful and I hope that one day I feel the same about myself.


3. Kasja of minkropprockarfett

Swedish blogger Kasja shares her daily struggle with PCOS (a condition that affects how her ovaries work), PTSD, epilepsy and panic disorder on her social media channels. She admits to having bad days where she just wants to hide under her duvet - and yet she's learnt to live with her diagnosis and wants to help others manage theirs too. Her mantra? ‘Focus on inspiring others to love themselves’.

Focus on inspiring others to love themselves.

And there you have it Glossies, four body positive influencers that remind everyone of what ‘normal’ really looks like.

Insider Tip: If you find that posts on social media make you feel inadequate or self-conscious, unfollow the accounts that have that effect on you. Instead, fill your feed with posts by body positive influencers who’ll remind you that natural is beautiful.

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Writer and expert
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