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The State Of The Art Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair

The State Of The Art Hair Mask For Dry And Damaged Hair
Writer and expert5 years ago
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On this fourteenth day of Advent, your GLOSSYBOX calendar gift is the ideal beauty product to pamper yourself with this weekend.

Today you’re being treated to a deeply nourishing and restoring hair mask from the Italian professional salon haircare brand Elgon Refibra. Get ready for soft, full bodied and shiny locks!

A Concentrated Restoring Hair Mask

Perfect for damaged and stressed hair, the deeply hydrating Elgon Refibra Concentrated Restoring Hair Mask will give your locks new life. It is a professionalrestoring and nourishing treatment that makes your hair look thicker, softer and glossier than ever. It can even repair damage caused by chemicals and environmental agents.

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My Experience Using The Mask

“Unlike most masks, this lightweight mask didn’t weigh down my fine hair”

What surprised me most about this restoring mask was its texture. While most masks are too thick for my fine hair and just weigh down my curls, this hair treatment is more like a lightweight cream. It didn’t leave my fine locks looking limp, but revived their light bounce.

The orange-gold lotion also gave my hair a glossy finish, and, best of all, left it smelling fabulous all day. Have a whiff of your hair after you've used the product, you’ll see what I mean.

How To Use Your Mask

Listen up Glossies, this is the best haircare advice I could ever give you. Once you’ve washed your hair, always towel-dry your locks before applying a mask or conditioner. If your hair is dripping wet, the excess water will dilute the product and make it less effective.

Make sure your hair is only slightly damp before massaging the mask into each strand by running your fingers down from you roots to your tips. Leave it in for a few minutes (5 minutes produced the best results for me) and rinse thoroughly. I’m so excited to hear what you think!

What’s The Secret?

As soon as you try this mask, you’ll noticed just how nourished and restored your hair feels (I certainly did!). That’s because this mask is enriched with five key ingredients that smooth your locks:

  • Redoxina, an active ingredient with Klamath algae and keratin amino acids, to strengthen your hair's structure over time
  • Glycerine to moisturise hair and keep it soft
  • Marine Lichen extract to promote hair growth
  • Essential minerals for stronger and healthier hair
  • Polymer conditioners to give your hair a glossy shine

Shop The Range

We love to introduce you Glossies to the latest haircare treatments and technologies. It’s been so exciting to be able to include a product that is part of Elgon’s Refibra collection! This range of shampoos, lotions, conditioners and masks boasts state-of-the-art Redoxina® Anti-ageing Technology, which restores and maintains your hair’s quality over time. Explore the range here.

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Writer and expert
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