There’s A Reason These Christmas Cocktails Are Trending On Pinterest

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Christmas and cocktails go hand-in-hand if you ask us. Be it a festive twist on berry-infused gin or a creamy liqueur topped with all the trimmings, we’re totally onboard with the rising trend of luxe Christmas cocktails.

So when the folks over at Pinterest informed us that festive cocktail ideas on the platform had surged by 480% recently, we just had to see what recipes everyone is loving right now.

From the White Chocolate Snowflake Martini to the Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz, standby for the tastiest Christmas cocktails that are trending all over Pinterest—and soon to be in your hand.

3 Amazing Christmas Cocktails

The Snowflake Martini

Vanilla vodka, white chocolate, white creme de cacao, sugar and a lemon wedge. Enjoy the festive sweetness of this creamy martini. See the full recipe on Pinterest right now.

Baileys & Amaretto Hot Tails

Prepare yourself, this is as festive as a beverage can get! A delicious mix of Baileys, Amaretto, hot milk, chocolate, nutmeg and whipped cream, this is literally the fireside dream. See the full recipe on Pinterest right now.

Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fiz

If you love gin with a twist, try this herby blend of gin, pomegranate and lemon juice, fresh rosemary sprigs and soda water. See the full recipe on Pinterest right now.

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Amy Lewis

Amy Lewis

Writer and expert