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Upscale Your Glossybox: Message Board

Writer and expert7 years ago
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We know how much you all loved our personalised letter light upscale, so this month we've continued with the personalisation theme and created a message board. While it may not light up like all the light up message boards we've seen all over Instagram, it's pink and Glossy themed which totally trumps any light, right?

Here's how we made it...

1.Cut out four pieces of black card measuring 10mm in height and 204mm in width.

2. Cut out four pieces of double sided foam tape, each piece measuring 204mm in length and 5mm in height. Stick two pieces of the double sided foam tape onto the middle of two pieces of your black card. Taking the other two pieces of black card, stick the remaining pieces of foam tape over one half - see below.

3. Taking the base of your Glossybox, stick the two pieces of black card that have foam tape covering half along the top and bottom of your box. Then, taking the other two pieces of card with foam in the middle, stick one 40mm above the bottom strip and the other one another 40mm above that.

4. To create your letters, start by choosing your favourite type face. We picked Abadi MT Condensed Light in 129pt, but you could use other similar thin fonts. Type out the alphabet twice and print it onto printable acetate (different types of printer take different acetate, so check first). Cut out each letter into a rectangle measuring 46mm in height and 25mm in width. If you fancy, print a couple of Emojis out too!

5. Decide what you want to say, then slot your chosen letters along each line!

Writer and expert
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