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Teeth Whitening 101: Top Tips For Pearly Whites

Writer and expert8 years ago
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Brits have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to teeth. Look at any cartoon villain or Bond baddies of old and there’s usually a clipped British accent and a set of wonky, stained teeth in the mix. Austin Powers was a well-observed, if exaggerated, pastiche of this…

Wonky, crowded teeth need dental attention, but while whitening used to also require a professional touch too, there are now ways to lighten and brighten your smile while in your favourite leisurewear in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Whitening toothpastes are commonplace on the shelves of high street chemists, as are some whitening kits. While choosing the right products is one way to keep teeth white, your diet plays a huge part too. Oh, and any recreational smoking is a no-no if you want to avoid staining…

Here’s our low-down on what to use and what to avoid to keep your teeth their brightest best...

The Food DiariesThe rule is, if you know something stains fabric, then there's a high chance it'll also stain your teeth. Meals that include curry or tomato based sauces would wreck a clean white tea towel, and so the likelihood is it could contribute to dulling your smile’s shine too. Same goes for black coffee, tea and, sorry about this wine.

Even juices can contribute to staining, as the fruit acids can weaken your natural enamel, which in turn allows stains to bed-in. So, if you’re sipping on a beetroot smoothie try using a straw to minimise your chances of looking like a well-fed vampire.

The Whitening ToothpastesBack in olden days, chewing on a piece of charcoal was how teeth were kept clean and tartar-free. This clever Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste, £4.99, buffs away food stains and prevents tartar and plaque from building-up. Or if charcoal toothpaste is a little too much for you, the clever combination of active ingredients in Swiss Smile Whitening Toothpaste, £28.95, will remove any stains and gently restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. The formula works to brighten your teeth, without any danger of damage.

Makeup to make teeth look whiter...Apply all the fake tan you can find and you’ll be so bronzed your teeth will gleam like an 100 watt light installation. Just kidding! But makeup can make your teeth look whiter. A dusting of bronzer - we love Essence Mosaic Powder, £2 - all over your face will give you a natural looking glow, in turn making the whites of your teeth instantly pop.

On the colour spectrum orange and yellow sit directly opposite blue, which means blue-toned lipsticks can actually counter those unwanted yellowish tones on your teeth. Red lipstick with blue undertones are an effortless way to make your teeth look instantly whiter. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, £15.50, is arguably one of the most famous - and the most flattering thanks to its blueish base. Duwop Blue Lip Venom, £15, is a lip-tingling glossy plumper laced with subtle blue tones with the sole intention of making your pearly whites look whiter.

Writer and expert
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