Runway To Real Life: Side-Parted Low Ponytail

This month, we hopped back in the GLOSSYBOX beauty booth to try our hand at one of the biggest hair trends from the autumn/winter 2015 shows – the side parted low ponytail.

While styling our hair into a pony isn’t anything revolutionary, fashion week taught us how to take the simple style up a notch. Backstage at Erdem, hair pro Anthony Turner followed the show’s 60s Hitchcock heroine theme by styling hair into a low-parted ponytail, fastened at the nape of the neck. The look was given a ‘nap hair’ vibe by pulling stands out of place and adding plenty of volume to the crown, then finished off by securing the hair to the side using a colourful bobby pin.

It’s the perfect ‘lived in’ style to take you through February!

Want to try it on yourself? Here’s how…

1. Use a comb to style your hair into a deep side parting.
2. Sweep the front of the hair across your face and pin in place.
3. Use a backcombing brush to add volume to the crown of your head then fasten your locks into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.
4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray. We love L’Oreal Elnett, £3.89 at Boots



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