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Tan Toppers: How To Keep That Summer Glow

Writer and expert9 years ago
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Whether you’re back from holiday and mourning the loss of your golden glow or simply feeling a bit on pasty side, there are plenty of ways to top up your tan - no matter what the weather! We've rounded up eight of our favourite tan boosting products, to help you keep hold of that sun-kissed glow a little longer. You're welcome.

The face tanThe face can prove problematic when tanning, but this pen is an absolute game-changer. Not least because it allows you to personalise your colour and adds tan, moisture and a whisper of skin-perfecting coverage without the trademark biscuity smell. Using it daily will build up coverage, but post holiday it’s also great for concealing any pesky sunglasses marks. James Read BB Tan Pen, £20 at James Reed

The gradual tanA great trick for rescuing a fading post-holiday tan is to bolster it with a gradual tanner. Once your natural glow begins to soften, start applying this every other day and your tan will get a fresh looking boost within 4-6 hours. Kissed by Mii Daily Boost Body Cream, £15.95 at Gerrard International

The fruity water booster Okay, so you normally see these in spas but there’s real value in adding sliced fruit or cucumber to your water. Water is known to extend the life of our skin cells, and hence our tan, so keeping hydrated can essentially keep a tan topped-up. Cucumbers have extremely high water content so adding slices to a glass of water can not only bolster your hydration levels, but keep you looking bronzed for longer.

The mixology tanThis takes personalising your tan to the next level; just add a few drops, depending on how dark you want to go, to your moisturiser and you’ll begin to get that bronzed feeling back again. Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body, £26 at Clarins

The spray on tanOur legs generally have a little less melanin that other parts of our body, which explains why they can take longer to tan. If pale legs are the reason you’ve opted for jeans instead of a skirt, it’s time to add this cream to the mix. It gives your skin a veil of coverage that disguises any imperfections and adds warm, golden hues to your limbs. Just don’t go dancing in any fountains... Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Make-Up, £13.99 at Boots

The supplementTo try these tablets is to be won-over. Simply take them for a month leading up to your holiday to prep your skin for the sun, then continue taking them while you're away and for a month once you're home. Not only do they protect from the oxidative stress of the sun and support skin health, but they also help you ‘hold’ your tan for longer. Imedeen Tan Optimiser, £40.80 for two months supply at Imedeen

The gel formulaThere’s nothing quite like someone saying ‘ooh, you look well’. That’s the effect delivered by this moisture-rich gel that goes on clear, with no smell, and develops into a healthy ‘I’m just back from the South of France’ glow. Get ready for the compliments... Vita Liberata Deep Face Untinted Self Tan Gel, £17.50 at Vita Liberata

The tan bufferIt might sound counter productive to exfoliate if your aim is to hold on to a tan, but if you buff before, during and after your holiday, your natural tan will reward you by looking its absolute best. Plus, if you do decide to fake it, you’ll have provided the perfect smooth canvas. No streaks for you... Soltan Beautiful Bronze Exfoliating Sponge, £2.49

Writer and expert
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