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Achieve A Summer Glow With The Sleek Face Form Palette

Achieve A Summer Glow With The Sleek Face Form Palette
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Everyone on the Glossy Team is obsessed with the Sleek Face FormPalette from our June box! A three-in-one palette, it includes all the essential makeup powders you need to define your features and create a healthy glow.

About The Sleek Face Form Palette

Featuring a blush, bronzer and highlighter, this multi-tasking makeup kit is the perfect companion to help you get ready for your events this June. Better yet, the Sleek Face Form is really compact, making it the perfect size to slip into your clutch and take out with you. You can then top up as required throughout the night.

The Glossy Team can’t stop raving about it. We can’t wait for you all to receive yours and try it!

The blush is a gorgeous, highly-pigmented colour! It’s just like NARS’ Orgasm blusher.

@Fran, Glossy Team Member

Making The Most Of Your Palette

Once you’ve prepped and primedyour skin, flawlessly applied your foundation (there’s a tutorial for that here) and blended in your concealer, you can focus on defining your features and creating your party-worthy glow thanks to the Sleek Face Form!

Follow this simple three-step guide to really enhance your look, ready for your summer event.

1. Use The Bronzer To Define Your Features

Our professional makeup artist Lucinka recommends using the bronzer first. Using a small contour brush (Lucinka likes the Morphe Contour Blender Brush), she would apply it along her cheekbones, across her temples and under her jawline.

Sleek Face Form

A less complicated and more subtle way of defining your features than contouring, bronzer helps accentuate your best features, while giving you a warm, sun-kissed glow.

2. Apply The Blush For A Healthy, Rosy Glow

Lucinka would then apply the blush to add a flush of colour to her cheeks. She would start by applying it to the apples of her cheeks, then, without adding any more pigments to her brush, she would sweep the remaining powder across her whole face and forehead to create a healthy, rosy finish.

Sleek Face Form

When applying blush, you should use a large, soft and fluffy brush that evenly distributes the powder across your complexion. The Real Techniques Blush Brush is a great choice! Remember, blush should be subtle. The last thing you want is an intense patch of pinky-red skin!

3. Enhance Your Summer Glow With Highlighter

To finish off the look and really enhance your summer glow, Lucinka recommends applying a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bone, down the centre of your nose, and on your chin.

Sleek Face Form

Lucinka prefers to use a fan brush for this step! The Luxie Medium Fan Face Brushfrom our February box would do the trick!

The Finished Look

Sleek Face Form

And there you have it Glossies; your summer, sun-kissed, healthy glow! We’ve got a full tutorial to help you get ready for your events coming your way in just a couple of days. Keep an eye out on the blog and our social channels for more details!

Join The Glossy Family

To receive the Sleek Face Form, as well as two other highly-pigmented makeup products, essential skincare and must-have haircare, order our ‘Summer Soirée’ edit now. It’s filled with all the products you need to get ready for whatever special occasions you have lined up this June. Don't miss out!

Writer and expert
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