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‘Golden Hour’- Our Glowy Skin Favourites!

‘Golden Hour’- Our Glowy Skin Favourites!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer1 year ago
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Glossies if you haven't heard, this September it's all about the Golden Hour’. We want all our glossies to unleash their inner glowy goddess! So, keep scrolling to reveal ten makeup, skin and body care products perfect to help you achieve that goldenglow. 


10 Glowy Must-havesyes to Grapefruit Vitamin C Boosting Mud Mask

Face masks are perfect for self-care and even more perfect to give your skin a healthy glow! This mask by yes to mixes grapefruit, pink kaolin clay and our skincare fave, Vitamin C to effectively nourish, brighten and give your skin a gorgeous glow!

Fade Out Collagen Boost Brightening Exfoliating Facial Wash

At every stage in your skincare routine, you can use a product or pick an ingredient to brighten and boost your outer glow! This facial wash by Fade Out is the best of both worlds! It hydrates your complexion as well as exfoliates your skin too! Enriched with our holy grail, Niacinamide, which means with regular use you’ll achieve the brighter, glowy skin we are all craving this month! What I also love about this wash is it keeps my skin plumped and nourished (thanks to the deep cleanse).

Frank Body Scrub and Sparkle Kit

Glossies, you know Frank Body makes an appearance quite often in our monthly boxes. That's because we love how innovative they are and the benefits of their products. So of course, we just had to include their Body Scrub and Sparkle Kit onto our glow list! This kit features two of their best-selling scrubs! Both created to help you achieve glowy, soft skin! The Original Coffee Scrub (which smells of oranges) exfoliates your skin by lifting dead skin cells to give your whole body a radiant finish! The Rose Gold Shimmer Scrub buffs your body with the unique blend of vitamins and natural oils, leaving you looking and feeling hydrated, nourished and glowy AF!

Revolution Tanning Brightening Duo - Light/Medium

Looking for an easy, quick tan? Look no further than this bronzing kit by Revolution. This effective Brightening Duo includes a Brightening Face Tan Serum that gives you a radiant glow which deepens over seven days. The second product is the  Tanning Water Light/Medium, which brightens, hydrates and makes you look like a golden glowy, goddess in no time!

Revlon SkinLights Face Glow Illuminator

This unique, lightweight formula can give you an instant glow as a highlighter or as a primer! On application, your complexion will be brighter, vibrant and of course glowy! This is thanks to the photo-chromatic pigments and light-capturing crystals that make up this fabulous illuminator. This glides over your skin effortlessly, either alone, for a no-makeup, makeup look or to go under or mixed in with your foundation to help you achieve that golden glow perfect for this Autumn.

Inglot Rosie for Inglot Illuminating and Brightening Face Base

Get your glow on with this illuminating face base glossies! On application this lightweight gel glides across your complexion to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and adds a soft yet gorgeous glowing radiance. This is thanks to the golden HD pigments and the added special ingredient glycerin - which locks in moisture too!

Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette - Copperplate

Glossies, of course this list would not be complete without a stunning highlighter!Sleek MakeUP have created their first all-powder highlighter palette - perfect for you to achieve a golden glow this month! With four rich, glowy shades to choose from, you're spoiled for choice! On first use I was astounded by how intensely pigmented each shade was. Swipe these illuminating powders across your cheekbones, collarbones and anywhere else you want to highlight - and these easily blendable shades (suitable for all skin tones) will leave you glowing all day and night!

benefit High Brow Duo Highlighting and Lifting Eyebrow Pencil

Now glossies, when adding definition to your face and adding that glow - don't forget the brows!benefit have given us the perfect tool to lift, define and highlight our brows with their double-ended creamy pencil. One end features a matte High Brow formula and the other end is where the magic happens - the High Brow Glow! With three shades to choose from, every glossy can find the perfect option to suit their skin tone. We have Light - a pink matte and soft gold shimmer, Medium - a cream matte and a golden honey shimmer and lastly Deep - a caramel matte and warm bronze shimmer. Whichever one you choose, sweep these shades across your brow bone and let the sparkle do it's thing - end result? Think, definition and a lifted eye look!

NYX Professional Makeup Candy Slick Glowy Lip Gloss

In any makeup look our pout can easily steal the show! - and with this high-shine glowy gloss from NYX, it definitely will! Think full coverage, non-sticky and for an added bonus glossies, they're sweetly scented! With a range of shades to choose from, you can get your glow on and achieve a glossy pout in any colour you want! The formula glides across lips and is the perfect addition to any glowy, illuminating look! Thanks NYX!

ICONIC London Prep-Set-Glow Mini - Original 

To lock in all this glow from all these amazingly glowy products, we of course have to finish off our list with the Iconic Prep-Set-Glow Setting Spray by aptly named ICONIC London. This makeup/skincare hybridcombines hydration with a stunning shimmering finish. Transforming your skin into a radiant glow and elevating your makeup look to a glowing goddess! This fine mist doesn't feel heavy and the cooling cucumber extract is a nice soothing bonus. Glossies you won't even believe that this setting spray can even help minimise the appearance of dark circles - thanks to the added Caffeine and Vitamin E. What gives you that overall glow you ask? This mist is filled to the brim with light-reflecting pigments to highlight all those important areas.


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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!