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Essential Night Out Beauty Prep

Essential Night Out Beauty Prep
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Getting glammed-up is half the fun of a night out, particularly when you’re doing it with your girls. That’s why our November ‘Beauty S.O.S.’ themed box is packed with five essentials plus a 6thEXTRA treat that will come to your rescue whatever your plans. It includes a selection of practical and portable beauty products you can easily fit in a small bag or use on-the-go.

beauty sos

Lugging bagfuls of beauty products is now a thing of the past with these pre-night out prep tips.

Get Salon-Quality Hair

Listen up Glossies, here are three easy ways to get luscious-looking locks on the go.

Option One: Get Bouncy Curls In The Shower

If you’re going for a voluminous curly-hair look, nothing beats the Novex My Curls Mask that defines and nourishes your ringlets.

Thanks to its unique formula that contains 7 nutri-functional oils, this mask will hydrate and nourish your locks, while giving your curls a lightweight bounce and preventing any frizz. Best of all, it's cruelty free!

To apply, simply massage through your wet hair from root to tip. You'll need to leave the product in for at least three minutes (personally, I let my mask soak in while I shave) and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

*The 100g sample you received in your box is worth £2.10, but you can buy the 400g mask for £8.40 or the 1kg mask for £19.20. You could also try the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner from the same range.

Option Two: Your Quick Fix Solution

When you and your friends suddenly decide to hit the town, you probably won’t have a lot of time to freshen up. Skip the head-to-toe shower and quickly spray some dry shampoo onto your roots. Let the product dry then brush out the residue. The beauty of dry shampoo is that it adds volume and texture too!

Some of you may have received the LIVING PROOF Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo in your November box. It was developed by hair stylists and scientists and is actually the only dry shampoo that cleans your hair. It absorbs any sweat, oil or odour from the day, leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling clean. After spraying onto your roots, wait 30 seconds for the powders to work their magic, then remove any residue by massaging or brushing your hair.

It's all the rage! Even Victoria Secret Models are using it. Skip to 9:40 for Candice's dry shampoo tips.

Option Three: Add Some Shine

Once your hair is nice and clean, you can then give your locks extra shine by applying the Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate serum which is in some of your November boxes. It's also a useful product to have on hand if you need to reduce frizz or tame any flyaways.

Nexxus, a New York-born brand has created the ultimate lightweight serum. Enriched with protein and precious oils encapsulated in little pearls, the serum can be worked into the ends of either wet or dry hair for glossy and smooth locks that last all night, we know Louise Redknapp is a big fan!

What’s my handbag essential? Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Caviar Serum, the perfect formula to give my hair that protein boost and to tame frizz throughout the day.

*The 15ml sample you received in your box is worth £8.80, but you can buy the full-sized 60ml serum for just £24.99

Prep Your Skin

Before applying your makeup, you should always cleanse and moisturise first. It’ll prep your skin and help your makeup stay on longer.

I recommend using the Balancing Skin Concentrate that's in some of your November boxes. Developed by dermatologists and co-created by a community of women, this YourGoodSkin product improves the 5 key signs of healthy looking skin: texture, tone evenness, radiance, moisture levels & oiliness. It combines Vitamin C and Green Tea to moisturise your skin and improve its overall appearance, leaving you with a radiant healthy glow.

If you loved this product, why not try the full range? They also have a Comforting Gel Cleanser and an Anti-Oxidant Day Cream that both work in combination with the Balancing Skin Concentrate.

Go For A Sultry Eye Look

Now that you’ve got glowing skin, you’re ready to get creative with your makeup. I love creating eye-catching looks for a night out on the town. When I’m going for a bold lip, I’ll use neutral colours to do a smokey eye that compliments it. If I’m rocking the nude lipstick, I’ll favour a sparkly eyeshadow with purplely-reddy tones. I’ll then lengthen my lashes with a coat of my favourite mascara.

The GLOSSYBOX team hand-picked every colour in the STYLondon Eaton Eyeshadow Paletteyou received this month. We’ve brought you an original and brand-new palette that combines matte and pearlescent colours to give you the flexibility to create your go-to night-out look. Watch our tutorial video here.

Define Your Lips

I never feel like my look is complete until I’ve applied my lip colour. This autumn, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect à la Dua Lipa brown-nude to compliment a purple or red eye colour- and I’ve fallen in love with the HUDA Liquid Matte Lipstick collection.

As you may already know, this November we are truly honoured to bring you a full-size Liquid Matte Lipstick from HUDA Beauty to add to your collection. You'll have received one of two shades - Girlfriend or Venus.

For a sultry look, why not try either of these shades? Gliding on effortlessly, this formula provides night-long coverage.

Make Those Legs Shine

Planned on sporting your favourite mini skirt? Show off your legs and give them a fabulous smooth finish thanks to Palmer's. Scoop a small amount of their award-winning Cocoa Butter Original Solid Formula that was in some of your November boxes and apply to your skin. It will melt into a silky oil upon application, giving your legs a fabulous shine.

If you skin or lips are feeling a little dehydrated, this product can also be applied to dry skin and lips. Bursting with Vitamin E and ethically and sustainably-sourced Cocoa Butter, it boasts moisturising properties that nourish your body from head-to-foot. It can even be used on sensitive eczema-prone skin. @thepixiecut knows it's a travel essential!

Smell Fabulous

Before leaving the house, the last thing I’ll do is spritz on some perfume. I like to mix it up in terms of which scent I wear and both the Chloé Eau de Parfum and Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum are great options. We popped these perfumes in your November boxes as a 6th extra treat – which did you receive?

I can’t decide which one I prefer. I love the fresh and feminine fragrance of Chloé Eau de Parfum. Its classic rose scent makes me feel very chic. Equally, Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum just screams sophisticated woman. It’s a combination of oak moss and freesia and the latest fragrance by Chloé.

Beauty S.O.S Items For Your Handbag

Your November GLOSSYBOX is filled with perfect pocket-sized goodies that you can easily pop in your handbag. Your sample-sized Chloé Perfume is obviously a must if you want to smell fresh all night, and I’d definitely recommend taking your lipstick out with you to top up throughout the night.

If you want to keep your hair looking fabulous all night too, slip the WetBrush Pink and Black Pop Fold into your bag. This compact travel-sized hairbrush features a foldable handle and flexible bristles that can be conveniently packed away until required. You’ll be particularly thankful if you stay over at a friends and need to effortlessly untangle your hair the next morning. No matter what state you wake up in, the WetBrush glides through your locks with minimum effort, leaving your hair knot-free and fabulous.

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