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GLOSSYBOX Birthday: Night-Time Routine

GLOSSYBOX Birthday: Night-Time Routine
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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In case you didn't know glossies, it’s our 11th Birthday!But not only this, it’s also GLOSSYBOX Skincare’s 2nd anniversary too!    So, we’re celebrating our 10 purse-friendly and worthwhile products being there for all our glossies regardless ofskin type (oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone or ageing), for the last 2 years!   Our collection of 10 skin-perfecting products (and after 2 years, I’m sure you have your favourites) as well ascarefully curated skincare sets, have been tailored to your specific skincare needs.  In case you need a reminder on how beneficial our products are, get ‘un-ready’ with me, with my night-time skincare routine featuring GLOSSYBOX Skincare.



Step One: Remove Makeup

 I switch between our Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser or our Deep Cleansing Cream. 

Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser  This is my go to makeup remover and always my first step in my night-time routine. The Micelles in this magical ‘water’ help to cleanse away makeup, dirt and excess oils from pores – and is exactly why we had to create a cleanser with micellar for you Glossies. Perfect for all skin types, this light gel removes makeup while gently purifies, nourishes and softens skin. Working with blueberry seed oil and cactus stem extract to clean,nourish, hydrate and moisturise.   How I Use: I wet my face and massage an almond-sized amount of gel into my skin to melt away makeup and cleanse away the day. I apply in circular motions to rid my face of today's makeup.

Deep Cleansing Cream

What I love is not only does itcleanse pores, it removes makeup so quickly and easily to leave skin feeling super soft! Plus it’s made using some of our favourite oils – incainchi, babassu and tsubaki, which will nourish and hydrate.  How I Use: I apply in circular motions with my fingertips, massaging into damp skin - with enough time for the cream texture to transform into an oil, perfect for removing makeup. 


Step Two: CleansePurifying Charcoal Cleanser

 Charcoal has taken the skincare world by storm. This key ingredient improvesthe look and feel of your complexion by removing excess oil and dirt. And the end result? Skin that’s soft, smooth and clear!  Biodegradable exfoliating beads help to gently buff away dead skin cells, any leftover makeup or dirt and peat leaf cleans and hydrates.  How I Use: I massage this cleanser onto damp skin using circular motions again, and rinse with lukewarm water.


Step Three: Cleanse Again!Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My favourite cleanser on the market! Suitable for every skin type. This fragrance-free cleanser clears and refreshes your skin. It removes impurities, dirt and makeup but neverstrips away moisture.  With three effective ingredients – cactus stem, resurrection leaf and kangaroo paw flower extracts – this cleanser soothes, moisturises, hydrates and most importantly cleans the skin.​ The foamy texture feels nice on the skin and I love how quick and easythis cleanser is to use.   How I Use: Just like the charcoal cleanser, I apply two pumps onto my fingertips then massage it into my skin and rinse with water.



Step Four: ExfoliateExfoliating Clay Scrub

Our exfoliating Glossy pink Cornish clay scrub deeply cleanses pores and buffs away dead skin cells. The lactic and glycolic acids restore radiance and energise your complexion.   How I Use: I always apply this to damp skin using gentle circular motions, focusing on my T-zone, then I rinse with water.


Step Five: HydrateHydrating Mist

 My favourite face mist of all time! It smells fabulous! The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Hydrating Mist is refreshing and toning. It’s the quickest and easiest way to tone and replenish yourskin at any time of day! Hyaluronic acid hydrates, babassu oil nourishes and incainchi oil supports your skin’s natural barrier.   How I Use: Before I use any other products. I make sure to hydrate my skin to trap all ingredients from my serums and moisturisers. I spray three times onto my clean, cleansed complexion.


Step Six: Eye CreamEye Boost Cream

This phenomenally perfect lightweight eye cream has been my absolute fave for the past 2 years! Fast absorbing, a little goes a long way and feels so luxe(without the matching luxe price tag too!).   Our eye cream infused with elderflower extract reduces the appearance of dark circles and calms your under-eye area. Your eyes are left feeling and looking fresh AF. Red seaweed creates a protective barrier that sealsin moisture​ and eyebright plant extract works to brighten tired, puffy eyes.   How I Use: I put three small dots under my eyes, then gently pat the cream in and up towards my temples.


Step Seven: SerumNight Serum

This deeply nourishing and brightening serum works overnight. Persian silk tree extract helps to reduce signs of fatigue while blueberry oil leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. The third key ingredient glycolic acid wipes away dead skin cells and illuminates your complexion, resulting in instant brightness!  How I Use: I apply to my fully cleansed and slightly damp skin (thanks to my mist) and massage a pea-sized amount onto my face.



Step Eight: Moiturise3-in-1 Moisturiser

One of our best-selling products!This lightweight yet hard-working moisturiser primes, plumps and protects the skin. Including my fave skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid - your complexion is hydrated, while Tsubaki oil works to moisturise skin and red seaweed locks in that moisture.

3-in-1 Rich Moisturiser

The sister to our 3-in-1 moisturiser – the ‘rich’ edit is made for those days and seasons when our skin is at its driest. This primes, plumps and protects, again with hyaluronic acid. However, this moisturiser uses camelina oil to nourish and incainchi oil to support your skin’s natural barrier. This rich moisturiser brightens your complexion.

How I Use Both GLOSSYBOX Skincare moisturisers: I massage a pea-sized amount onto my face and neck and give myself a minute for it to sink in before getting into bed.

So there you go glossies my Eight Step Night-time Routine. Fancy finding out more about our GLOSSYBOX Skincare? Head over to the GLOSSYBOX Skincare page on our website.


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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!