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Eight Forms Of Self Care You Need To Try This January

Eight Forms Of Self Care You Need To Try This January
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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We hear ‘self care’ a lot, but what is it? And how can it truly benefit us?

Well, self care is anything you do to look after yourself - emotionally, mentally and physically. Anything that adds value and benefits these three areas in your personal life and your overall well being.

And what might these benefits be? Reduced and managed stress levels, boosted energy and mood and lower overall risk of illness, just to name a few!

These daily, weekly self care moments don't have to be big, grand activities, even a small act can make a massive impact! Become the best version of yourself - no one else can be you! When you take time and prioritise yourself, you'll be able to look after others around you better too! 

Eight Forms Of Self Care You Need To Know About

Whilst everyone will have their own go-to forms of self care, their own individual activities that make them feel their best. But these are some of our favourites…

1. Sleep

Now Glossies, this might seem obvious but going to bed on time and not looking at your phone for at least thirty minutes sleeping to guarantee yourself a good night's sleep, is self care!

It’s no surprise that the better sleep you have, the more energised and positive you'll feel the next day. Think increased productivity, sharper focus and concentration. The benefits are endless! We all know that lack of sleep puts us in THE worst mood too, affecting the way we handle stress, and enhancing anxiety. 

To help you relax at night and aid you in getting those eight hours, we introduce you to Westlab Sleep Bathing Salts - the perfect addition to your evening routine. Dead Sea mineral salts, Epsom, jasmine and lavender oils are blended together for a luxury fragrance that tantalises the senses. Calming and soothing are the main goals of these salts, inspired by a peaceful night's sleep.

2. Exercise

Exercise may be a dreaded word for some, but know that as much as exercise is beneficial for your body, it's just as important for your mind and soul. Any form of exercise boosts your mood too. By stimulating your brain chemicals, exercise leaves you relaxed, emotionally free, happier and a lot less stressed!

Exercise can be a healthy coping mechanism for anxiety and depression too.Going for a run, dancing or yoga are just a few examples of movement that gets you out of your own head and feeling great.

For a perfect finish to your exercise, go for Neutrogena Hydro Boost Express Hydrating Spray. Spritz close to your face for a moisturising, rejuvenating moment or further away for a refreshing, hydrating mist. Muchneeded after a full on workout! Infused with Hyalyronic acid, one of our favourite skincare ingredients, this mist leaves your skin feeling smooth and quenched.

3. Spend Time Outside

Numerous studies have proven how beneficial it is for us to spend time outside. Being among nature, breathing in the fresh air, even standing bare foot on grass - all of these can improve sleep, lower stress and elevate our happiness. So, eat breakfast in your garden, go for a walk on your lunch break or exercise outside and reap the benefits of this self care action. 

Glossies, if you're going outside, you know you cannot leave your house without SPF! The CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 is such a simple product to add to your morning routine. This lightweight, protecting face cream restores and strengthens your natural skin’s barrier, whilst also defending against damaging UV rays.

4. Pamper Yourself

Not that we need an excuse to spend our time on skincare but, Glossies, I am now giving you a valid reason. Your skincare routine should not be rushed, so take you time pampering yourself and enjoy it! This self care ritual gives you guaranteed downtime to solely focus on yourself… You feel better after a good skincare sesh, feeling refreshed, renewed and rested.After a long, busy day take some time before you go to bed and pamper yourself with an evening skincare regime. And you know we have created the perfect three step routine with our GLOSSYBOX Skincare Sleep & Refresh Set.

This set includes:
  • Night Serum - This serum deeply nourishes and brightens skin overnight. Persian silk tree extract helps to reduce visible signs of fatigue while blueberry oil leaves your skin feeling super hydrated. Third key ingredient glycolic acid wipes away dead skin cells and illuminates your complexion, resulting in instant brightness! 
  • Daily Micellar Gel Cleanser - Micelles in this magical ‘water’ help to cleanse away dirt and excess oils from pores – and that’s exactly why we had to create a cleanser with micellar. Suitable for all skin types, this light gel gently purifies, nourishes and softens skin. Working with blueberry seed oil and cactus stem extract to nourish, hydrate, soothe and moisturise.  
  • Eye Boost Cream - Reducing the appearance of dark circles (thanks to the elderflower extract) and depuffing your under-eye area, this cream leaves you looking and feeling fresh and bright. Red seaweed creates a protective barrier that locks in moisture​ and eyebright plant extract works to refresh tired, puffy eyes​. 

5. Aromatherapy

Candles aren't just for the aesthetics, they can be an important self care ritual too. Scents have the ability to remind you of a memory, trigger a particular emotion or make you think of a happy time or a person. A familiar scent can really make you feel at ease and feel safe. Aromatherapy is also known for its ability to reduce stress, leaving you relaxed.

Rituals’ The Ritual of Jing Scented Candle is inspired by inner peace and is a candle we adore. The warming fragrance has floral notes of Sacred Lotus and Jujube, which is rich in Vitamin C! Jujube's scent has so many self care benefits too. It soothes anxiety, relieves stress and helps you sleep, just to name a few.

6. Retail Therapy

Now I'm not encouraging you all to go out and spend hundreds when your next feeling stressed, however treating yourself when you're feeling low to a little something is allowed by me! When you reward yourself, you release a hormone called dopamine. This transmits a message to your brain telling you that it feels good, which is why feel happy about your purchase. So, if you've had a stressful week or you've done something amazing, grab a tenner and treat yourself, you deserve it. 

For a treat under £10, this Bubble T Cosmetics Sweetea Macaron Bath Fizzer is the cutest! A set of five macaron-shaped bath fizzers, using these in your bath is another fab form of self care. These fruity-scented treats nourish and cleanse - add one or two macarons into your warm bath and enjoy the magical experience as they transform your bath into a sweet oasis.

7. Massage

Whether you want to book yourself in for a massage or simply DIY at home, there are countless benefits for both your body and mind. For your body, a massage at a spa (or at home in the bath with a massage brush) can reduce muscle pain and soreness, increase your range of motion and help you sleep better. For your mind, a good massage relieves stress and anxiety - the ultimate relaxation!For a DIY massage, start with the Revolution Body Skincare Invigorating Massage Brush. A useful, yet luxe, self care accessory, use this in the bath or shower on wet skin or on dry skin once you're finished bathing. This tool is invigorating and exfoliates your skin, as well as gives you a calming massage feeling you’ll love.

Why not pair your brush with the Revolution Body Skincare Vit C (Glow) Body Scrub. This softens skin, exfoliates and brightens, all thanks to vitamin C. This scrub is perfect for a self care ritual as the citrus scent can relieve you of stress and anxiety. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, also protects your skin from damaging UV rays, so no unwanted lines or dry skin. Of course, just like every scrub, it also buffs away dead and dull skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth.

8. Take A Trip

Coming from a travel expert, I guarantee you, whether it’s a UK staycation or an overseas getaway, travel is one of the best forms of self care! Removing yourself from your same, familiar environment that may cause you anxiety or stress at times, is a positive move. You’re forced to do something different, break your routine and reignite something in you. Travel can also make you curious, eager and excited, releasing 'happy hormones’ into your body that you need to feel good.When we travel we need as much space as possible for clothes and shoes, obviously... So, for your next trip, pack the Dove Gently Nourishing Essentials Washbag with Bamboo Soap Tray in your luggage. This four product set is a perfect, essential travel set and includes:

  • Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar - Leaves your skin nourished and smooth. The formula helps retain your skin’s natural moisture, as well as working to rid your skin of bacteria. 
  • Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner - This conditioner works to leave hair feeling smooth, thanks to its detangling properties and works to maintain moisturise. 
  • Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo - The Nutri-Keratin Repair Actives in this shampoo work to minimise deep damage from heat tools or colouring. It also keeps hair looking and feeling strong, healthy and shiny. 
  • Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash - This body wash formula is enriched with naturally-derived cleansers and plant-based moisturisers, which provide your skin with nutrients and a hydration boost.

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