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Judith Leiber’s His And Her’s Fragrances Are The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Judith Leiber’s His And Her’s Fragrances Are The Perfect Christmas Gift!
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor2 years ago
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Got a couple of people left to buy for who are proving slightly tricky? A fragrance is always the perfect present for them to unwrap on December 25th!

And our favourite right now? The Judith Leiber More Is MORE! scent! It's a truly unique take on fragrance and we know you'll love the concept...

Swap Between Fragrances Or Mix On The Spot! 

More Is MORE! offers seven scents in one. But if you want to make wearing these scents even simpler, you’re going to want to check out the brand’s one-of-a-kind mixing bottle! 

This first of its kind bottle allows you to switch between fragrances and mix on the spot – wherever you may be. Simply swipe on and off the bottle’s three sliders to select your mix, spray your chosen combination and go! And then, when you want to try a new custom combination, just reset the sliders and you’re good to go again! 

And, once you have your bottle, it’s super easy to buy fragrance refills too!

The Judith Leiber More Is MORE! Scent


For a delicious first impression, spritz 1. More Gourmand! Concocted with edible notes, this fragrance opens with blackcurrant absolute and mandarin, while rich gingerbread and rose petals create a sensual heart, which should last 12 hours on the skin. To carry these gourmand, edible notes long into the night, there are also strong notes of vanilla and cashmere woods! Warning: You’ll smell good enough to eat!

2. More ZEST!

Zest it up with 2. More Zest! Sparkling with fizz, this fragrance opens with thirst quenching grapefruit, fresh lemongrass and sunny green bergamot. After this citrus explosion settles, you should smell orris (the root of the Iris flower), and peony. Notes of sandalwood and cedarwood will also melt into your skin and last into the night.

3. More FLORAL!

Glow up your fragrance collection with the ultimate in indulgent scents 3. More Floral!; the white floral. At first, you’ll smell fresh pink pepper and mandarin, which then gives way to a magnificent bloom of flowers. Ylang Ylang and Orchid carry the heart of this composition, while coconut wood adds creaminess and patchouli gives strength, which helps the floral notes really last. 

But what makes these scents so different to any others is that not only can they be worn alone, they can also be mixed together to create seven – yes SEVEN! - fragrance possibilities.

More Is MORE! Is For Him Too...

The man in your life doesn’t have to miss out on smelling great too. Why? Because there’s a ‘for Him’ selection of scents too, which work in exactly the same way...1. More Spices!

If you need a bit of spice in your life, hit 1. More Spices! This scent is all about the contrast of spices. At first, you’ll smell rich saffron and crisp lemon essence. Intense cold bursts of ginger and lavender quickly follow, contrasted with warm, sweeter, more indulgent notes of vanilla and amber. Heady vetiver finishes off the fragrance, which will last with intensity all day.

2. More MARINE!

The clue is in the name – 2. More Marine! is all about the freshness of the ocean. Marine accord brings an intense clean splash, which you should smell alongside black pepper. The aquatic nature of this fragrance is balanced by fresh green apples and cedarwood. Rich patchouli (a woody-earthy green leaf) and amber round out the scent, giving strength and depth to the composition, which together carry the marine notes to last all day. This is the ultimate masculine scent.

3. More Leather!

This scent is the most intense scent of the More is MORE! collection. Starting with a dash of lemon and black pepper, it is quickly eclipsed by a heady, deep, dark leather accord. This is complimented by complex notes of patchouli (a woody-earthy green leaf) and cashmere wood that will last over 12 hours. 

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Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor
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