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8 Of The Best Shampoos For Keeping Your Newly Salon-Styled Hair Looking Its Best!


We’ve waited months to get back to in the salon but FINALLY the day has come! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for our locks to get the professional touch…

If, until now, you’ve been doing your best to look after your tresses at home, you’re sure to have tried a huge range of products that all promise to keep your hair the best condition possible! Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, we’ve tested them all in a bid to keep our hair shiny and sleek. And, of course, we’ll always share the very best with you too.

So, to keep your newly salon styled hair looking great until your next appointment, these are the best shampoos to try, whatever your hair needs may be!

The 8 Best Shampoos For In Between Salon Visits


  1. For Thickening
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    For Thickening

    Every day sweat, dirt and styling products gather on your scalp, clogging up your hair follicles and weigh down your locks – but there is a solution. Including ingredients that keep hair follicles clean and nourished, thickening shampoos really can give your hair a fuller, healthier-looking appearance! 

    Nanogen’s Women 7 in 1 Thickening Treatment Shampoo is a multitasking haircare treatment that cleanses, thickens, moisturises, strengthens, protects AND balances, leaving your hair thick, healthy and in prime condition. 

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  2. For Hydrating
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    For Hydrating

    Hair looking and feeling thirsty? If you need to keep your hair hydrated between visits, the reviving formula of the Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo should be your go-to. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil, this shampoo features Vitamins A and E to smooth dry strands, whilst also benefiting from moisture-attracting red algae which allows hair to look and feel healthier. 

    This shampoo also aids in increasing manageability, smoothness and shine. Gentle enough for daily use, whether your hair is natural or colour-treated, this product provides optimal hydration! 

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  3. For Repairing
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    For Repairing

    Is your hair feeling brittle and dry, or is prone to frequent breakage? Yes? Then you need to try the best-selling Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo.

    Boasting Olaplexs patented technology – which finds and re-links broken disulphide bonds in the hair – this shampoo is famous for its ability to repair damage while simultaneously strengthening the hair’s structure.  Helping to increase moisture levels and enhance shine, this nourishing hair treat provides you with a salon-quality glossy finish. Your hair will have never felt so clean or silky soft!

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  4. For Detoxing
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    For Detoxing

    Purify your tresses with the OUAI Detox Shampoo, a concentrated hair cleanser designed to lift and remove dirt, oil, impurities and build-up. It’ll also refresh your scalp, roots and lengths, all without stripping, drying or fading out your colour. 

    Your haircare game is seriously about to be elevatedProviding spa-like vibes, this gentle formula will infuse with your locks with it hypnotic scent of Rose, Bergamot, Lychee and Musk. All to leave your hair looking and feeling soft, shiny and supple! 

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  5. For Clarifying
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    For Clarifying

    Clarifying shampoos are perfect for cutting through unwanted product build up and oils, to leave your hair super-clean. And this AMELIORATE Clarifying Shampoo does exactly that. 

    Offering soothing relief to flaky, itchy and dry scalps, this mild and pH-balanced shampoo works to performs a deep and effective cleanse on your hair, lifting dirt, skin and impurities for a purified feel.

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  6. For Colour Treated
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    For Colour Treated

    Just had your hair freshly dyed? Want that shiny salon-fresh colour to last? Then a shampoo designed especially for coloured hair is a must! 

    Catering specifically for hair that’s been coloured is the Color WOW Color Security Shampoo. Refresh hair from root to tip, this gentle cleansing formula forms a luxurious lather that easily eliminates impurities and helps prevent hair looking dull. All whilst defending against colour fading – meaning your locks will look radiant, vibrant and healthy, even long after your left your hair appointment!

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  7. For Toning Blonde, Silver And Grey
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    For Toning Blonde, Silver And Grey

    Left your salon appointment with gorgeous bright blonde or stunning silvery locks? Worried they’ll soon turn brassy or yellow if not looked after with enough care and attention? The Matrix Total Results So Silver Purple Shampoo for Toning Blondes, Greys and Silvers will help! 

    This silver shampoo works to neutralise and brighten hair that’s been lightened or bleached. A cocktail of ingredients assist in creating the appearance of sleek, ashy hues that look clean and fresh, whilst also alleviating the look of dullness. When it comes to intense TLC for blonde or silver hair, never compromise on a toning shampoo!

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  8. For Refreshing Between Washes
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    For Refreshing Between Washes

    A dry shampoo will not only help between salon visits, it’ll also help you make the most out of your hair between washes! So, take care of second day hair with the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo. 

    This weightless formula instantly freshens up the feel and appearance of locks that are a day or two old, absorbing oil, sweat and odour without leaving behind a powdery residue. Suitable for all hair type and colours, this dry shampoo is infused with a time-released fragrance which will also help keep your tresses smelling fresh throughout the day too.

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