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The Skincare Essentials Your Mum Will LOVE In Our Mother’s Day Limited Edition!


Our Mother’s Day Limited Edition is the perfect present to give to the woman you love most! Featuring 10 indulgent products (three full size and seven deluxe minis), plus one extra little treat too, and worth over £100her face is sure to light up when she unwraps this gift! 

We’ve already revealed eight of the products in this box, but there’s three more ready and waiting for you to discover. Want to learn about the three skincare saviours in this box? Read on to find out more…

L’Occitane en Provence Overnight Reset Serum 

The ideal addition to your current night-time skincare regime! After skin that looks rested, fresh, youthful and radiant? This overnight serum from L’Occitane en Provence is the perfect solution.  

The texture of this overnight antioxidant serum is a light water-gel, infused with: 

  • Marjoram – known to help activate gene expression functions that have become dormant due to natural ageing. 
  • Acmella Oleacera – which relaxes muscle tension and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines and expressions lines. 

How It Works 

When massaged into your skin, thousands of golden bubbles suspended in this extraordinary night serum release. With Immortelle Oil Extract, L’Occitane’s iconic and powerful antioxidant, this serum stimulates skin microcirculation and increases collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin. 

Why You Need It! 

Our busy, modern lives are full of stress, pollution and, more often than not, exhaustion too. And all these elements have a direct impact on our skin. So, who wouldn’t want to reset their skin overnight, erasing the impact of stress and fatigue, and waking up each morning to refreshed, rested, healthy-looking skin? Your skin is best able to perform its repairing and regenerating functions at night, which is why a cleverly created night-time skin routine – including this wonder working night serum – so important. 

After one night, you will find your skin hydrated and looking smoother and your complexion feeling fresh and rested. Use frequently and after 4 weeks your skin will be more radiant and plumped, with a smoother, more even and younger-looking skin texture too.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm 

This nourishing cleansing balm, infused with English Rose Oleo Extract, dissolves makeup and daily grime for petal-soft skin. Upon contact with water, this balm emulsifies into a hydrating milk that nourishes the skin’s lipid barrier, leaving your complexion feeling smooth and looking radiant. 

The Key Ingredients In This Cleansing Balm 

  • English Rose Oleo Extract – Rose petals hand harvested in the UK are steeped in Safflower oil to create this decadent, skin-soothing extract. 
  • Elderberry Oil – Contains high levels of essential fatty acids and other micronutrients that are key to keeping skin healthy. 
  • Padina Pavonica – brown algae found on the Mediterranean coast that is known to support the feeling of hydration. 

How To Use This Cleansing Balm 

The most common use of this balm would be as a daily cleanser. To use as a cleanser, simply… 

  1. Warm a pea-sized amount between your palms and then massage over face, neck and décolleté area using light circular massage movements. 
  2. Moisten fingertips and continue to massage into the skin. 
  3. Remove with a warm, damp cleansing cloth. 

However, this balm can also be used in three other ways. 

  • As a makeup remover 
  • As a weekly facial mask 
  • As a dry skin treatment

Ecooking Neck & Décolletage Cream 

The delicate neck and décolletage areas are some of the first places the body shows signs of ageing – so start using a cream that works to reduce these signs right away! 

Developed specially to treat these tell-all areas, this rich creamy formula from Ecooking contains Hyadisine – a regenerative and protective bioactive ingredient – which helps the skin retain moisture and increase its production of collagen and elastinCellulobeads have also been added to help the skin retain moisture, filling fine lines and wrinkles instantly for a softer, plumper surface. 

Too much melanin (a substance that occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for skin colour and the absorption of the sun’s UV rays) can result in age spots, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, however this cream has a solution. Third key ingredient Niacinamide – a derivative of Vitamin B3 – prevents melanin reaching the surface of the skin, protecting from further UV damage. 

How To Use This Cream

Simply apply the cream onto your neck and décolletage every morning and evening, after cleansing your skin.


Other Mother’s Day Product Reveals 

That’s it. All products in our Mother’s Day Limited Edition have now been revealed! If this is the first reveal you’ve read, where have you been? You missed out on all the excitement of this Limited Edition box! 

Fear not though, we’ve got all the blogs here for you to read... 

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