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How To Look After Your Skin During Autumn

How To Look After Your Skin During Autumn
Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor3 years ago
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The leaves are changing colour, the temperatures are dropping and limited edition hot drinks are available everywhere – autumn has officially arrived! While it’s instinctive to switch up your wardrobe at this time of year and trade in your summer dress for a cosy jumper, you should also think about how to adapt your skincare routine to the changing weather too.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Complexion

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a few changes to your skin as a result of the temperature dropping. Perhaps your skin feels dry just a few hours after applying your moisturiser, or maybe you've noticed few unwelcome spots popping up or unwanted lines appearing around your eyes.

These are just a few unfortunate effects of colder, drier and blusterier autumnal weather – particularly as your face gets the most exposure to these harsh conditions. Don’t worry though Glossies, we’ve got you covered!


Here’s an autumnal skincare routine that will give your complexion its healthy summer glow back.

Five Tips For Healthy Skincare In Autumn

While there are plenty of things you can do in autumn to boost your skincare routine, these are five of our top tips!

  1. Cleansing Is Key 
  2. Swap Lighter Moisturiser For Richer Remedies 
  3. Exfoliate More Frequently 
  4. Provide A Little Extra Protection 
  5. Don’t Ditch SPF

Cleansing Is Key 

A gentle foaming cleanser may have worked wonders for your complexion over the summer, but now the weather is cooler and therefore harsher on skin, it’s time to turn to something that’ll cleanse deeper. A cream cleanser will effectively remove your make-up, whilst also deeply cleansing ridding the skin of dirt and impurities. The GLOSSYBOX Skincare Deep Cleansing Cream is an ideal product for this situation!

Swap Lighter Moisturiser For Richer Remedies 

As the seasons change, so should your moisturiser. To prevent problems with dry skin during autumn and into winter, swapping out lightweight product for something a little richer is a quick and effective way of giving your skin a helping hand with hydration. 

If you’re looking for a rich moisturiser that’ll boost your skin’s moisture levels with a powerful blend of key ingredients, our favourite is obviously the GLOSSYBOX Skincare 3-in-1 Rich Moisturiser. Specifically formulated for dry skin, this moisturiser boasts a rich and extra-thick formula that'll hydrate even the driest of skin. It also has a plumping effect on skin and acts as a primer to create a great base for your makeup!

Exfoliate More Frequently 

Between seasons, skin can often become dry and unsightly. Therefore, upping the frequency of your exfoliating routine may help – but make sure this is gentle! In autumn, our skin's reactivity and sensitivity usually calm down compared to how they are in the summer, which means gently exfoliating (maybe with the GLOSSYBOX Skincare Exfoliating Clay Scrub!) a couple of times a week will help get your skin back to looking gorgeous and glowing.

Provide A Little Extra Protection 

Sometimes our skin needs a little extra help, and this is especially the case during months with more miserable weather. To rebalance and rehydrate your skin after a hot summer, regular use of a hard-working mask is essential. We love Mudmasky’s Leave-me-on Autumn Mask - this gel-based, oil-free, ultra-calming formula nourishes and moisturises the skin for up to eight hours, and has been made especially for looking after the skin during the autumn season.

Don’t Ditch SPF 

SPF isn’t just for summer – our skin can be damaged by UV rays all year round so this is a skincare product you should never swap out. The only difference between SPF in autumn to SPF in August is how often you need to apply it. If you’re spending most of your time indoors, you probably don’t need to worry about topping up, but if you’re going to be outside, you’ll want to refresh your SPF every few hours! 

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Emily Cotton
Beauty Editor
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