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Does Sulphur Really Clear Up Acne And Blemishes?

Does Sulphur Really Clear Up Acne And Blemishes?
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Do you struggle with acne and blemish-prone skin? Well, listen up because I’ve found the treatment that will finally give you the clear complexion you’ve always wanted: sulphur

Trust me, it is a highly effective ingredient for treating acne and blemish-prone skin and here’s why... 

Can Sulphur Improve Acne And Blemishes? 

You’re probably wondering how sulphur can help to treat acne and blemishes. Well, there are three keys reasons: 

  1. Sulphur is a bacteriostatic agentwhich is a fancy way of saying that it helps to minimise the quantity of acne-inducing bacteria on your skin.  
  2. It also works to absorb sebum and reduce oiliness which would otherwise cause breakouts.  
  3. It helps to unclog your pores and draw out impurities, which helps to reduce blackheads.  

How Can I Add Sulphur To My Skincare Routine? 

Sulphur works because it essentially dries out blemishes by removing the oil. Consequently, if you use it too often, it can dry out your skin too, causing irritation and redness. So, you should avoid using it as a daily treatment. Instead, you either need to use it once or twice a week as part of a mask treatment, or use it in a targeted way and apply it directly onto your spots.  

Insider Tip: If you feel a spot developing under your skin, you can apply sulphur to prevent a breakout, treating the problem before it surfaces. 

Will Sulphur Help With Severe Acne?  

Whilst sulphur can do wonders if you minor to moderate acne, it might not cut it if you suffer from cystic acne. You should also avoid using it if you are already applying very drying products or taking medication for your acne.  

What Are The Best Sulphur-Based Skincare Products?  

There are an array of sulphur-based skincare products available to buy on lookfantastic (don’t forget, you can use your Glossy Credit to buy these). Here are a few of our favourites…  

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin 

Designed to rescue skin when problems pop up, this mask will help to clear up your skin, leaving it feeling fresher and healthier. Whilst sulphur works to absorb excess oil and protect your complexion, glycerin hydrates and restores its balance. Apply a thin layer onto the troubled areas, leave it to dry for 10 minutes, then rinse it off.

VICHY Normaderm S.O.S Anti-Blemish Sulphur Paste 

This targeted treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of spots overnight. It blends 10% sulphur with niacinamide and glycolic acid to dry out spots as you sleep. Simply apply it directly onto the problem area in the evening and let the paste work its magic. 

Murad Clarifying Mask 

A weekly treatment designed for acne-prone skin, this lightweight face mask is fortified with sulphur to promote a clearer complexion. It absorbs dirt and impurities from your pores, helping to control oil production and minimise breakouts. All you need to do is apply it onto clean skin for 10 minutes once a week. 

111SKIN 3 Phase Anti Blemish Booster 

This booster helps to prevent breakouts and blemishes before they happen by regulating your skin’s oil production. Sulphur is blended with colloidal silver to minimise the appearance of redness and irritation, whilst also reducing the look of spots and breakoutsApply one to two drops onto clean skin when you feel a flare-up or breakout arising.  

Lancer Skincare Clarifying Detox Mask 

Formulated with oily skin in mind, this mask helps to relieve acne and congestion for a fresher, clearer look. 3% sulphur concentrate detoxifies your clogged pores, whilst green clay and green tea reduce redness. You can expect smoother and clearer skin with less excess oil in just 10 minutes.

And that’s everything you need to know about sulphur and the best sulphur skincare products out there.   

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