Are You Applying Fake Tan All Wrong?

When summer arrives, we often turn to our trusty bottle of fake tan to give our limbs a bronzed boost as let’s face it, it’s rare we get a solid spell of sunshine in the UK.

The issue is, applying fake tan can be a tricky thing to master and no matter how many times we’ve applied it in the past, it’s incredibly easy to slip up and make a mistake. A mistake that usually results in a Paris Hilton-esque finish.

Here are a few common mistakes many of us make, plus a few top tips from Sunkissed self tan Expert, Cheryle Britton, …

Tan on top of tan

A big no-no – this just leads to a patchy finish. Applying mouse or lotion on top of your existing tan will only highlight the breakup of older colour, so make sure you exfoliate your skin first to remove any old colour.

Tanning your face

To apply tan to your face, add product to your mitt and then use a foundation brush to apply it to your face. It will give you a far more even finish and makes it easier to avoid your hairline and brows.

Protect your nails

Apply a little petroleum jelly on your finger and toes nails to avoid any discolouration.

Always use a mitt

Not only will this save you time, but also ensure you get a much better finish – particularly around the hands.

Tan then moisturise

You know the more dry and wrinkly areas of your body like your hands, wrists, knees and feet? Make sure you moisturise them after applying your tan. This will help to dilute any tan build-up, which will lead to a far more natural and even finish. It’s far better to apply it post tanning, as if you apply it before it can absorb into the skin and you can still end up with patches!

Invest in a double sided mitt

If you tend to apply a lot of product at once use a double-sided mitt like the Sunkissed Double-sided Application Mitt, £4.This means you can use one side to apply and the other side to buff!



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