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April Beauty Horoscope: What’s Happening For Your Zodiac This Month?

April Beauty Horoscope: What’s Happening For Your Zodiac This Month?
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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Another month and another dazzling look into our zodiacs. We can't wait to look into what’s occurring this month for you – and, of course, evaluating your beauty needs and uncovering other exhilarating divulgences along the way!As it’s April, our TaurusGlossies are about to be in the spotlight. As always, all 11 other star signs have our attention – keep scrolling to see your horoscope and the best beauty buys for your sign this April.



Out of all the zodiacs, Taurus, you know the most about being kind! You put yourself in everyone else’s shoes. You look after everyone around you and compassion is your second skin. What's the best way to celebrate this trait? Of course, it's no other than using products that are kind to the environment.

Start strong with Garnier Micellar Reusable Make-up Remover Eco Pads! Garnier is pushing the boundaries and supporting the cause of sustainable beauty, and the brand’s reusable micro-fibre eco pads are the best new addition to your cleansing routine. A perfect alternative to single-use face wipes or cotton pads they stop unnecessary waste. You can use these pads over and over again too, by simply washing them with soap and water. So it’s money saved as well.

I've been using these for a while now (honouring my New Year's resolution to make small changes to help the planet) and the pads are super soft. I wet the pad with my favourite micellar water and wipe over my face, lips and eyes. All my makeup and any dirt is removed and my complexion is left feeling ultra-smooth. 

Taurus, you know the real meaning of the term boss babe. As a Taurus, you embrace hard work, get involved and live the mantra - work hard, play hard! If you're anything like me, after a long working day, you want to chill out and have some 'me time'. My favourite way to relax is to take 15 minutes to myself and pamper myself with my favourite sheet mask. Not only do sheet masks aid your skin’s hydration, but they also promote the ritual of relaxation. Meditate, take a moment of quiet or read a book for a short while and enjoy the benefits.

Holika Holika is my favourite Korean beauty brand due to its unique ingredients, cute packaging and the number of different products it offers! And my go-to SOS treatment from the brand is the Holika Holika Pure Essence Avocado Mask Sheet. More hydrating and brightening than any other face mask I’ve tried so far, and with key ingredient avocado firming and lifting the skin, you’ll get instant visible results! With 12 unique masks to choose from – ranging from Acai Berry to Green Tea – in this Holika Holika collection, which are all priced just over £2, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Whether that's making an extensive list, having a beautifully neat fridge, or having a calendar full of reminders - you are an organised queen! So, to help you organise your makeup collection take a look at MYKITCO. My PVC Box Set - a professional makeup storage set that makes it much easier to keep your makeup collection organised. This 4-in-1 organisation storage set features a large PVC makeup bag that can hold smaller bags for travel or hold larger beauty products.

Crafted with hard-wearing PVC, the makeup bag offers an organised storage solution for your extensive makeup collection, while keeping your products safe. Now holidays are getting back to normal (get me back on a plane asap), this is the perfect travel companion too.

The Taurus Beauty Look Book

What’s To Come This April For Taurus Glossies?


Sometimes, as a Taurus, we can be stubborn and stand our ground in a disagreement with a loved one - even if we're in the wrong. Over the next two weeks, you decide you're going to work on this. If a situation arises, instead you are going to take a step back and evaluate the situation, communicating with your loved one instead of going from zero to a hundred.


This April, an opportunity will arise to join a project at work - with activities you've not tackled before. No stress though, you’ll get to work with a colleague you've not met before and this will be a benefit to both of you! You'll teach each other new things, which you can take back with you to your day to day. More importantly, you'll be a great support to each other and make a new friend along the way!


We know a Taurus loves to have fun and with spring now in full force, over the next few weeks you’re going to plan lots of exciting moments. Some with your bestie, some with your fave family members and you’ll plan a small work mingle too. Thanks to your outgoing nature, you'll plan some adventurous, fun and happy days out. Enjoy!


At the start of 2022, you were a typical Taurus and were maybe a little lazy and inconsistent with the goals and resolutions you made. But, this month, we’re a quarter of the way through the year and it’s time to get back on track and re-evaluate your aims (no matter their size) - all so you can achieve every single one!


Other Earth Signs


This zodiac sign is all about family. And this month, you’ll spend some quality time with yours and some them how much they mean to you. You’re feeling super nostalgic and you'll take an evening on the sofa and look through old photo albums together reminiscing about some lovely memories. A couple will even make it to the ‘gram for flashback Friday.


Manifesting, the law of attraction and crystals have never really got your attention before... until this month. You may have a day in the next few weeks, where you feel lost, hopeless and in need of change. So, learn to manifest change, pick out some positive crystals and you'll start attracting good energy. You’ll be doubtful it's working at first, but after a while, two notebooks full and three crystals later. You'll be happy with your new and improved lifestyle.

Earth signs, if you're looking for a refresh this month, go ahead and pick up our GLOSSYBOX UK Bella Limited Edition. This gorgeous box is packed full of 11 spring must-haves beauty finds - perfect to take with you into the next few weeks - worth over £130. It’s got some of my favourite brands included too - Mavala, MCoBeauty and Eyeko!


Water Signs


You'll get a Facebook birthday reminder this month for an old acquaintance so send that unexpected birthday message. This will spark a short conversation - generic ‘how are you?’ chat at first - but it'll soon move onto a little reunion, and then maybe even frequent communication with a new friend. After a few weeks you'll be thick of thieves again before you know it! 


You have a close work colleague who has had a tough start to spring. So, go for it and surprise them! No over the top gift, just a small gesture… Maybe you’ll plan a little meal out or go for an afternoon tea. Whatever it is, your colleague will be so thankful and appreciative.


Travel restrictions are getting less and less, so Scorpios, you are in need of a holiday. This month you're going to have a catch up with your besties and start planning the trip of the century - just remember to pack SPF!

Fun-loving water signs, you need a treat this month! And, what's better than our GLOSSYBOX February Generation Box? Inside, you’ll find 11 exciting products that’ll bring out the young beauty lover in all of us! Worth over £115, there are an incredible eight full-size products and three deluxe minis including three of my favourites… the Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream, the amazing Jecca Blac Glow Drops and Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Lip Cream.


Air Signs


Spring may have started in March but you're yet to start your spring cleaning Libra. So plan a day this month to blitz your home. Create four piles -things to keep, things to sell, things to bin and things to donate. You’ll thank us later.


You've read somewhere that walking outside and being amongst nature is good for your wellbeing. And this spring you’ll live by this mantra. Evening walks, a morning stroll. Fresh air will be your new favourite thing.


You are a party sign Gemini and this month this trait will come in useful. You'll be asked by a close friend to help plan a surprise party and you won't be able to get enough! From planning the music setlist to the buffet menu - and, of course, the guest list - with your help, the party will be perfect.

To aid you in a stress-free, relaxing April, look no further than the GLOSSYBOX x Yours Serenity Limited Edition. A capsule collection of calming skincare and body care goodies, these six full size and three deluxe minis all work together to allow you to take a moment to indulge and chill. Think glowing body oil, exfoliating hand scrub, an under eye mask and even our own GLOSSYBOX 3-in-1 Moisturiser!


Fire Signs


You've not always been the one to keep up on the latest trends but spring fashion has caught your eye. From pastels to bold bright colours, April has inspired you to reinvent yourself. Starting with a whole new wardrobe!


You've always had that one smell that brings its own nostalgia with it. And this month, you'll come to learn scents can impact and influence your mood. So much so that you'll become obsessed with aromatherapy. In no time you'll have your go-to scent sorted to make you happy and motivated.


Who said you can't start a bucket List a quarter way through the year? This month you'll start a small yet interesting list of things you want to buy, do, and see by the end of 2022. In April, you'll already get to tick off one of these things!

Luxe-craving fire signs should treat themselves to the GLOSSYBOX x HELLO! A List Edit 2021. This exciting Limited Edition box features 10 A-List beauty buys worth over £100! With hair, body, skincare and makeup goodies from high-end brands -think ELEMIS, Laura Mercier, ZOEVA and one of my personal faves Lottie London! - there’s so much to discover.

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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!