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Reusable Makeup Pads Are Cheap And Eco-Friendly

Reusable Makeup Pads Are Cheap And Eco-Friendly
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It’s no secret that we all need to be a little kinder to the planet – and it’s time to admit that our beauty addiction isn’t helping us to achieve that goal. Don’t worry though! You don’t have to give up your obsession. Instead, you can make a few simple changes to offset the problem. Switching from single-use face wipes to reusable makeup pads, for example, can make an enormous difference.

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Why You Should Use Reusable Makeup Pads

  • They’ll Save You Money

While a pack of reusable makeup pads might cost you more than a pack of disposable ones initially, in the long run, it will work out cheaper. Most reusable pads are really long-lasting and can replace roughly 500 single-use ones. Assuming your pack of 25 wipes costs 60pence from your local supermarket, 500 wipes would cost you roughly £12. That means that most reusable makeup pads are four times cheaper. Plus, the eco-friendlier options are much better quality.

  • They’ll Help To Save The Planet

Think of how many face wipes you use a week and it will come as no surprise that 9.3 million face wipes are flushed down the toilet every day. As these contain plastic, they don’t decompose and instead end up polluting our oceans and rivers.

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  • They Are So Easy To Use

There are two types of reusable makeup pads: ones that work just like regular cotton pads (i.e. they need to be used alongside cleansers or makeup removers) and ones that work with just water. Either way, they are easy to use and can be popped into the washing machine to be cleaned. Simple.

The Best Reusable Makeup Pads

I don’t doubt that you’re now dying to get your hands on some reusable makeup pads! So, I’ve rounded up the best ones…

GLOV Moon Pads

If you struggle to remove your makeup or have sensitive skin, then you’re definitely going to want to put these pads in your basket! Soft to the touch, they glide over your skin to effortlessly remove makeup, dirt and grime. You just need to soak your pad in cleanser or makeup remover, then glide it over your face and neck. Your complexion will feel flawlessly cleansed! You can buy a pack of two or a pack of three from lookfantastic.

Magnitone London WipeOut! The Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth

With this cloth, you’ll never have to buy cleanser or makeup remover again! Unlike most reusable makeup pads, this eco-friendly wipe is designed to absorb water and wash away makeup without the need of a cleanser. All you need to do is dampen your ultra-soft cloth with warm water then wipe it over your complexion. Expect long-wearing and oil-based makeup to simply melt away, leaving skin clean, cleansed and clear. You can purchase a pack of two from lookfantastic in various colours. We (obviously) love the pink one!

jane iredale Magic Mitt Makeup Remover

Carefully-crafted from specially-knitted micro-fibres, this cleansing mitt quickly and effectively removes makeup using only water. You see, these micro-fibres transform makeup into an emulsion that can easily be swept away. It also exfoliates your skin, gently buffing away dead cells, impurities and makeup residue. A refreshed and radiant complexion awaits!

Omorovicza Cleansing Mitt

If it’s cleaner and clearer skin that you’re after, then pair your cleanser with this mitt. It is really soft and made from 100% cotton yet still effectively removes makeup, dirt and excess oils. Simply apply your cleanser onto your skin, then use this mitt to gently massage it into your face and over your eye area to remove your makeup. When your complexion is clean, rinse the mitt under warm water and leave it to air dry. You’ll only need to wash it every 3 uses or so.

Switching from single-use makeup wipes to reusable makeup pads can really make a difference to the planet – and now there’s no excuse not to choose the eco-friendly route.

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