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Are Magnetic Lashes Any Good? An Honest Review

Are Magnetic Lashes Any Good? An Honest Review
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Every woman has tried to apply false lashes at least once. While some seem to develop the skill almost instantly, it’s something I have yet to master (which is seriously frustrating considering how fun it is to dress up this time of year). That’s why I’m constantly on the search for new and improved false lashes. I recently tried Ardell’s Magnetic Liner & Lash, a pair of magnetic lashes that promises easy and mess-free application. Here’s what I thought…

The Struggles Of Regular False Lashes

I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to apply falsies. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve messed up perfectly-applied eyeliner or a carefully-created smokey eye with eyelash glue. Let’s face it, applying regular false lashes is a challenge because:

  • The glue is messy and difficult to apply.
  • You have to use mascara to blend your natural and false lashes together which can damage your falsies.
  • Washing off the glue and mascara so that you can re-use the lashes is time-consuming.
  • You can only wash them a couple of times before they start to lose their shape or individual lashes fall out.

Because of all the above, it’s fair to say that we’ve all thought: ‘there must be an easier way of applying false lashes’ before now. Well, it turns out that there is: magnet lashes!

Are Magnetic Lashes Easy To Use?

  • Double Magnetic Lashes

Double magnetic lashes were all the rage this time last year. These are the kind of lashes that have two striplashes for each eye. You place one set above your natural lashes and one below so that the two clasp together, sandwiching your natural lashes.

These have received mixed reviews and, to be honest, aren't any easier to apply than ordinary false lashes. Now though, there’s a new kind of magnetic lashes in town: Ardell’s Magnetic Liner & Lash.

  • Magnetic Liner & Lash

Unlike the traditional magnetic lashes, this new and innovative combo doesn’t sandwich your natural lashes. Instead, you receive:

  • 1 pot of highly-pigmented gel eyeliner that boasts a magnetised formula.
  • 1 eyeliner brush to apply the gel.
  • 1 magnetic striplash for each eye which is lined with powerful, multi-magnetic technology that holds the lashes in place and attaches to the liner.

All you need to do is apply the eyeliner onto the base of your natural lashes, then place the false lashes over the eyeliner and they should stay put. Sounds really easy right? With a promise like that, I just had to put them to the test

Does Ardell’s Magnetic Liner & Lash Work?

I’ll be honest, I struggled with these a little at the start, but after a couple of practices, found that they are surprisingly easy to apply.

I start by creating a winged eye then, when I’m happy with it, apply a second thin coat of eyeliner over the top and quickly place the lashes onto the liner before it dries.

The Verdict

A quick search online and you’ll see that Ardell’s Magnetic Liner & Lash gets quite a polarising write-up. Some beauty buyers rave about them, while others aren’t so impressed. They’re a bit of a marmite product, and I have to say, I love marmite!

These are definitely the easiest and least messy false eyelashes I’ve ever tried!

  • Pros

♥ You can re-use them as often as you like. Just remove them gently at the end of the day, and place them in a safe place.

♥ They aren’t messy to apply and, once you get the hang of them, are pretty quick to apply.

♥ These lashes last surprisingly well.

♥ The eyeliner is waterproof, paraben and latex-free.

  • Cons

X The eyeliner is a little difficult to remove, though I have found that an oil-based makeup remover works best.

Are Magnetic Lashes Safe To Use?

There’s just one more question that seems to concern a lot of beauty lovers: are magnetic lashes safe to use? Let me start by saying that the magnets themselves shouldn’t cause any harm. There are just a few precautions to take, as with anything that goes near your eyes:

  • Always apply them with clean hands.
  • Use a cotton bud to gently clean the lashes after each use, ensuring that you remove all makeup residue before wearing them again.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place to avoid spoiling your lashes.

Follow these few rules and you'll have no problem using these magnetic lashes!

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