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The GLOSSY Circle: An Interview With Sammy Louise

The GLOSSY Circle: An Interview With Sammy Louise
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Introducing the seventh member of The GLOSSY Circle, the lovely Sammy Louise. A passionate YouTuber and Instagrammer, qualified makeup and hair artist, as well as a part-time law student and full-time mum to two boys, Sammy is an inspiration to us all.

Sammy is a true testament to what can be achieved if you put your mind to it – and her story will really motivate you.

An Interview With Sammy Louise of The GLOSSY Circle

Q: You Seem To Take On So Much In A Day. How Do You Find Time For It All?

A: *Sammy laughs*. Well, it isn’t always easy, but it’s all about balance. I’ll get the kids ready for school and drop them off, come home and film a video, then while it’s uploading, clean the dishes. I find time to study during the day too. I try to never do any work in the evenings as that’s time to spend with my family.

It’s all about finding a balance and fitting things in where you can. You’d be surprised how easy this can be.

If I haven’t finished my work for the day, I put off creating any content for YouTube and film it with the help of my kids. Videos of them applying my makeup are always well received and such great fun to make.

Q: What Fuelled Your Passion For Beauty And Makeup?

A: I used to be an AVON representative. Discovering and learning about the array of products available really piqued my interest in makeup and skincare. I suddenly had this new-found knowledge and I really wanted to share it with people. That’s when I started to use YouTube as a way of introducing others to all of the great products I found.

Q: Your YouTube Has Grown Significantly Recently. What’s Your Secret?

A: My YouTube journey has been a pretty tough (but really exciting!) one. It took me a whole year to get 3,000 followers, but now I have an amazing group of over 51 thousand supporters who watch my videos week in and week out. I’m so thankful to them.

Engage and listen to your followers, it's so important!

The best advice I can give is to engage with your subscribers. I often get requests for tutorials, hauls, unboxings, and so on. I always make an effort to listen to these suggestions and create my videos accordingly.

Q: What’s Your Favourite Thing To Talk About In Your Videos?

A: I’m forever trying new products in all price ranges, so I like doing reviews and sharing my favourite tips and tricks. Makeup is a fun tool to make yourself feel good and I love being able to showcase that. Recently, I've been embracing the neon trend. I love a good pop of colour!

Q: Any Top Tips To Share?

A: If you’re on a bit of a budget but like to have a nice set of nails, then this is a good tip. You can buy a pack of false nails from Primark for £3, then get some nail sticker from amazon for £2.

You can create 10 sets of false nails for just £5!

Paint the false nails with your colour of choice, add your sticker design, then cover with a clear top coat and voila! You’ll have 10 sets of nails that look as good as gels. Just remember to use cuticle oil between sets and remove all the glue thoroughly.

Don’t forget to follow Sammy on Instagramand YouTubeto see all of her amazing videos.

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