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Limited Edition

Grooming Kit: Rituals’ Maharaja D’Or Eau De Parfum

Grooming Kit: Rituals’ Maharaja D’Or Eau De Parfum
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This is a sneak peek from the October 2019 Grooming Kit. For our latest edition of the Grooming Kit, please see this page

Are you tired of your partner stealing your favourite GLOSSYBOX skincare products? Well, there’s not long to go now until our first-ever Grooming Kit Limited Edition goes on sale!

Our first box curated and designed for the deserving men in your life, it is filled with 12 products that have every step of their self-care rituals covered. Better yet, it’s worth over £110 and makes a fabulous gift!

Don’t believe me? Your first sneak peek is Rituals’ Maharaja d’Or Eau de Parfum…

A Hint Of Exotic Mystery With Rituals’ Maharaja d’Or Eau de Parfum

The Rituals’ Maharaja d’Or Eau de Parfum celebrates the indigenous spices, golden palaces and ancient rulers (or ‘Maharajas’) of India. It blends spicy green cardamom, fresh pine and a precious dry down of patchouli. Together, they create a soft woody scent that is hard to resist.

  • Cardamom: Woody, spicy and sweet, cardamom is one of the world’s most ancient spices. It has been used in incense and perfumes since ancient Egyptian times –and now you can appreciate it too!
  • Pine Extract: Made from pine essential oils, this woody fragrance is famous for its ability to cleanse and stimulate the mind. If there’s a man in your life who has been feeling stressed lately, this might just be the boost he needs!

Why You’ll Both Love It

One of the best things about the Limited Edition Rituals’ Maharaja d’Or Eau de Parfum is that both men and women love it. GLOSSYBOX team member Lois (you'll recognize her from our Facebook Lives and Instagram stories) purchased this fragrance for her husband back in 2016 when it was first released.

Masculine and fresh, I knew my hubby would love it. Turns out women really are always right!?

@Lois, GLOSSYBOX Senior Social Media Executive 

I mean, who can argue with that? Plus, this deluxe mini size allows your partner to try out the fragrance for a good few weeks before he commits to buying the full-size. It's a win-win!

About Rituals

If you haven’t encountered a Rituals product before, prepare to be carried away by the wonders of ancient wisdom and traditions.

Drawing on the knowledge of Asian cultures, Rituals creates luxurious products for your body and home. They even use natural, organic and renewable ingredients in all of their products. Don’t worry though, they may be high-quality but they’re affordable too!

More Sneak Peeks Coming Your Way Tomorrow

Over the course of this week, I’ll be revealing the full contents of our Grooming Kit Limited Edition on our blog and across our social channels. If today’s reveal is anything to go by, we’ve got some epic products heading your way!

When Will The Box Go On Sale?

The GLOSSYBOX Grooming Kit Limited Edition will go on sale Monday, 28th of October at 1pm for subscribers and at 7pm that same day for non-subscribers. It costs £25 for subscribers and £30 for non-subscribers.

Subscribe For Priority Access

As I’m sure most of you know, our Limited Editions sell out fast! Don’t risk missing out. To get priority access to The GLOSSYBOX Grooming Kit Limited Edition and enjoy an exclusive subscriber discount, order your first GLOSSYBOX now!

Writer and expert
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