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Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Lotion Creates A Natural Glow

Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Lotion Creates A Natural Glow
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Summer has finally arrived Glossies, and that means the legs are coming out and the fake tanis going on! That’s why we’ve filled our July ‘Holiday Haul’ edit with a Natural Bronze gradual tanning lotion by Palmer’sthat will give a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

About Your Palmer’s Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Lotion

This month you’ll either receive Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula® Natural Bronze® Body Lotion or their Coconut Oil Formula™ Natural Bronze Lotion.

  • Cocoa Butter Formula® Natural Bronze® Body Lotion

Even if you aren’t jetting off somewhere sunny, you can still flaunt a natural-looking tan thanks to this creamy tanning lotion. It blends cocoa butter with Vitamin E to moisturise your skin while creating a delicate, summer glow.

  • The Coconut Oil Formula™ Natural Bronze Lotion

This deeply hydrating gradual tanning lotion will give you a healthy-looking bronzed glow too. While ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil and Tahitian Monoï nourish your skin, vegetable-based bronzing ingredients create your sun-kissed tan!

How To Get A Goddess-Worthy Tan

Whether you’re a first-timer or a tanning expert, there are four secrets to a goddess-worthy tan that you need to know about if you want to achieve and maintain a smooth, patch free and bronzed glow!

1. Exfoliate

My number one tip for a smoother, more even tan? Exfoliate! By scrubbing away the dead skin cells on your skin, you’ll not only create a smooth surface over which to apply your tan, but it will make your golden colour last even longer, as your tanned skin cells won’t just slough away!

If you’re not sure which exfoliator to use, I’d recommend Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula® Body Scrub. Formulated with pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural exfoliating ingredients, it gently buffs away dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin.

2. Shave (If You’re Comfortable Removing Your Body Hair)

If you choose to remove your body hair, I’d also recommend that you do this after exfoliating but before you start using your gradual tanning lotion. This way, you won’t be shaving away any of the skin you’ve just tanned.

3. Moisturise And Apply Your Tanning Lotion

If you were using an instant fake tanner, you’d need to moisturise first. The beauty of Palmer’s gradual tanning lotion, though, is that it deeply moisturises your skin while gradually building a subtle tan.

Simply massage your tanning lotion into clean and dry skin, ensuring you spread it evenly across your body. Personally, I find that large, circular motions provide a smooth and streak-free finish!

4. Maintain Your Tan

As you continue to use your body lotion, your tan will gradually become darker. When you’ve created your desired tan (whether that be fair, medium or dark), switch back to a normal moisturiser. PALMER'S® Coconut Oil Formula™ Coconut Oil Body Lotion will do the trick!

Then, when your tan starts to fade and needs topping up, revert back to your Natural Bronze gradual tanning lotion. For the ultimate glow, I'd recommend using it four days a week.

And there you have it, four simple steps to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, with a natural ‘I’ve-just-been abroad’ tan!

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Writer and expert
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