How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Alright Glossies, the second week of 2019 is coming to a close and I know that some of us (I’m guilty of it too!) are starting to lag on our New Year’s resolutions. So, to give us all a bit of extra motivation, I’ve found a selection of quirky homeware items that will make keeping to our personal goals all the more achievable.

Let’s keep to our resolutions! In 2019, we will…

Take Some Time For Ourselves

We’re all guilty of prioritising other affairs over our need to unwind and clear our minds. It’s important to remember to take some time for yourself, though. While you can’t realistically isolate chunks of time for that every day, finding an hour every couple of weeks is an achievable goal.

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

This year, I’ve decided to treat myself to a long and indulgent bath every fortnight. No work, no worries, no problems. Just imagine: a whole hour where you can just soak in the hot bubbles with your favourite page turner and a cool glass of white wine.

Of course, if you’re going to be drinking a refreshing beverage in the bath, you’ll need a suction wine glass holder. You can buy this quirky homeware item from Amazon for less that £5.

Never Lose Our Keys Again

I think we can all relate to frantically running around the house looking for our car keys when we’re in a desperate rush to get out.

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

Never experience that mad panic again. Invest in a key holder to hang by your front door so you always know where your keys are in the morning. Simply hook them on as you come in and pick them up again on your way out. You can buy a cute ‘KEYS’ design one on amazon for under £8.

Treat Ourselves To Breakfast In Bed

As part of your self-care routine, try to spend one morning a week relaxing in bed. Let’s work on not feeling guilty about putting off doing the washing or cleaning the house. Instead, let’s treat ourselves to breakfast in bed.

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

You can buy a breakfast tray from IKEA (only £8!) to give yourself some much-deserved me-time. Just picture yourself cosily wrapped up in your duvet, spending an extra 30 minutes in bed sipping on a hot cup of tea with a plate of delicious breakfast treats.

Organise Our Chest Of Drawers

Much like ‘the man drawer’ most of our underwear drawers are messy and seemingly filled with everything but underwear! I know I’ve got AA batteries, random currencies and playing cards in mine. This year, let’s put an end to the clutter with these quirky homeware drawer organisers.

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

You can buy a set of 6 SKUBB boxes from IKEA for just £6 that fit perfectly in most chest of drawers and cupboard. I’ve started using one cube for my socks, another for my pants and another for my bras. I’ve even got a ‘random stuff’ box, so at least my mess is restricted to a single area and I can still find what I’m looking for.

Stop Using Plastic Straws

Let’s face it, most of us prefer drinking a cocktail through a straw. I can’t explain it, it’s just so much more satisfying.

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

However, now that decreasing our plastic consumption has become so important, plastic straws aren’t a sustainable option. Don’t settle for a soggy paper straw though! Instead, invest in a stainless steel straw. Reusable, collapsible and easy to clean, it’s a quirky homeware must-have! You can get yours from Amazon for less than £8.

Support Our Fellow Glossies

Hopefully I’ve inspired and motivated you all to keep up your New Year’s resolution. Let’s continue to encourage each other and share the quirky homeware that helps us stay motivated. #StayGlossy

quirky homeware GLOSSYBOX

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