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Christmas Gift Ideas 2018: A Gift Guide For Him

Looking for Christmas gifts ideas for your dad, brother, son, friend, partners or in-laws? Don’t worry! This gift guide for him has got you covered with five masculine fragrances to suit every budget.

  1. Christmas Gift Ideas For Under £120 – Tom Ford Black Orchid
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    Christmas Gift Ideas For Under £120 – Tom Ford Black Orchid

    Name a more iconic Christmas gift idea than Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Eau de Toilette. A favourite for most men, it blends rich and dark notes of black orchid with floral patchouli and citrusy bergamot.

    Modern and timeless, this fragrance is one of Tom Ford’s most iconic perfumes.

    Working in beauty, I meet a lot of men who consider themselves experts in men’s fragrances, and you’d be surprised how many of them rate this Eau de Toilette. Warm and deep without being overpowering, they say it makes them feel mysterious and charismatic.

    A Treat For Yourself Too

    Of course, if you’re going to treat him, you might as well buy the matching set and treat yourself too. Housed in the same gorgeous fluted glass bottle that is inspired by 1920s architecture, Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is the feminine twist on the above classic (though the bottle is a deep plum colour, not black).

    This Eau de Parfum uses the same base as Black Orchid, with added top notes of honey and vanilla. These give the fragrance its sweet, soft and feminine quality. Oh, and it lasts really well on your skin.

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  2. Presents For £85 Or Less – Molton Brown Russian Leather
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    Presents For £85 Or Less – Molton Brown Russian Leather

    Everyone loves a good Molton Brown product. While their bath and shower gels make great gifts, they also have a gorgeous collection of fragrances. Housed in stylish glass bottles, they look as good as they smell.

    If he likes fresh, woody fragrances, then you can’t go wrong with this Eau de Toilette. It combines pine oil with the leathery fragrance of birch tree, the uplifting scent of purple basil and the lemony undertones of elemi to deliver an intense aroma.

    Dark and intense, this masculine Eau de Toilette recalls the scent of ancient forests and wilderness.

    Though you’re buying this for him, you’re going to love it too. The candle version of this fragrance has earned its place on my mantelpiece, while I love it when the men in my house use the bath and shower gel version. It makes the bathroom smell amazing!

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  3. Presents For £60 Or Less – Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute
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    Presents For £60 Or Less – Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute

    Don’t be put off by the word ‘tobacco’. This warm and masculine Eau de Toilette has nothing to do with ashtrays or cigarette buds. Instead, it blends matured tobacco absolute (a strong, aromatic leaf with a deep and smokey scent) with woody cedarwood and citrusy grapefruit.

    Rich and intense, this multi-toned Eau de Toilette balances intense aromas with refreshing scents.

    The vibrant, fruity notes contrast with the rich and smokey aromas to create a fresh, earthy fragrance that both you and him will love. Better yet, it stays on the skin for about 6 hours, making it perfect for a night out or special occasion. Of course, he can wear it every day too.

    Insider Tip: Did you know that he can refill this fragrance in a Molton Brown store? It’s the eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving. Find out more here.

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  4. Gifts For Under £50 – Rituals Maharaja d’Or
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    Gifts For Under £50 – Rituals Maharaja d’Or

    If you bought our Limited Edition Grooming Kit, you’ll have had the pleasure of sampling this Eau de Parfum. In which case, you’ll already know just how irresistible this soft woody scent is.

    The Rituals’ Maharaja d’Or Eau de Parfum celebrates the indigenous spices, golden palaces and ancient rulers (or ‘Maharajas’) of India.

    This masculine fragrance blends spicy green cardamom, fresh pine and a precious dry down of patchouli that come together to create a warm, spicy and aromatic fragrance.

    • Cardamom: Woody, spicy and sweet, cardamom is one of the world’s most ancient spices. It has been used in incense and perfumes since ancient Egyptian times –and now you can appreciate it too!
    • Pine Extract: Made from pine essential oils, this woody fragrance is famous for its ability to cleanse and stimulate the mind. If there’s a man in your life who has been feeling stressed lately, this might just be the boost he needs!

    Still not convinced? Our Glossies gave it rave reviews:

    This little perfume goes a long way. It smells so good without being too much and lasts really well on the skin. It is definitely not a basic male fragrance!

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    The Ultimate Indulgence – Acqua di Parma Oud, £197

    The epitome of Italian know-how and refinement, Acqua di Parma embodies luxury and elegance. All of their fragrances are made in Italy by traditional craftsmen using the highest quality ingredients – so you really can’t go wrong with this Christmas gift idea!

    While their timeless classic Colonias are always a hit, it’s their Signatures Of The Sun range which is proving really popular. One of their top sellers? Their Oud Eau de Parfum!

    A signature scent that is classy and masculine, this perfume develops into a deep and warm scent.

    Acqua di Parma’s Oud Eau de Parfum combines woody and leathery base notes with top notes of citrusy bergamot and orange that give it its unique seductive musk.

    And there you have it! Five Christmas gift ideas for the special men in your life.

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    Now that you’ve found your Christmas present ideas for everyone else, it’s time to treat yourself! Our ‘Winter Warmers’ edit is filled with enriching lotions, nourishing haircare and shimmery cosmetics, plus two extra treats – and you really deserve it!


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