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Living Proof Haircare GLOSSYBOX Review

Living Proof Haircare GLOSSYBOX Review
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Some of you Glossies will have received either the Living Proof Dry Shampoo or the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment as part of your November ‘Beauty S.O.S.’ GLOSSYBOX. You’ve all been raving about these products (more on that in my ‘What You’ve Been Saying' blog tomorrow), so we thought we’d try some of their other award-winning haircare ranges for you.

Protect Against Daily Aggressors: I Tried The Perfect hair Day Collection

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

The Perfect hair Day treatment improves hair over time, making it look healthier and healthier the more you apply it.

“Since I started using the PhD range a few weeks ago, my hair looks healthier and glossier. Even my Dad noticed!”

My hair is generally quite healthy, but the chlorine from my swim training and the sweat from other exercise has been wearing my hair down. Using the PhD collection has definitely started to reverse the damage. Plus, the shampoo lathers really well and the light conditioner doesn’t weigh down my curls.

Insider Tip:This treatment works gradually, so give it a bit of time to work its magic. I noticed an improvement in the quality of my hair after using it every other day for two weeks.

Reduce Frizz: Kit Tried The No Frizz Range

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

The Frizz collection is formulated with the Living Proof patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) which creates a thin, weightless and invisible shield around each hair strand to detangle, condition and fight frizz.

“I have frizzy hair that knots easily. The whole range definitely helped detangle my hair and made brushing it really easy”

I used the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks. It left my hair feeling really nourished. The leave-in conditioner also looked after my ends, which is great because I’ve only just coloured them.

Insider Tip: Living Proof haircare is very potent, so you don’t need to use a lot of product to get visible results. If you have short or fine hair, I’d suggest using a 5 pence size amount of shampoo and conditioner. For thicker or medium-to-long hair, use a 10 pence size amount.

Strengthen, Plump and Shine: Lydia Tried The Restore Shampoo And Conditioner

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

I have highlighted hair so I always look for shampoo and conditioners that will repair my locks and add shine. Luckily, the Restore shampoo makes dry and damaged hair feel and look visibly healthier, and the conditioner balances hair’s moisture to renew softness and shine.

“This duo definitely made my hair feel plumper and look shinier from the first use”

I was really pleased that all Living Proof products are free from sulfates and silicones, so the Restore shampoo and conditioner didn’t damage my colour treated hair.

Insider Tip: I recommend applying the conditioner from mid-lengths down. It will restore your hair and prevent dry ends, giving you healthy-looking locks.

Add Extra Nourishment: Lois Tried The Restore Mask Treatment

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

Some of you Glossies received this hair mask in your November boxes. It’s a deeply conditioning treatment that repairs dry and damaged locks by nourishing each strand.

“The mask smells so nice and I only needed to apply a small amount for it to leave my hair feeling really soft”

This mask is quite thick, so keep in mind that a small dollop goes a long way. I applied a light coat from mid-lengths to end, adding more product as I reached my tips. As I have shoulder length, thick hair, I left the mask on for five minutes.

Insider Tip: Wrapping your hair in a towel or shower-cap will help your locks absorb the product for an extra intensive treatment. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly, ensuring no product is left in your hair.

Increase Body And Thickness: Lucy Tried The Full Collection

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

The Full range is formulated with the Living Proof patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE). It’s a tiny molecule that creates microscopic patterns of thickening dots on hair for long-lasting fullness, body and thickness.

“I loved how effortlessly the conditioner detangled and added volume to my fine hair”

I have very straight hair and often wish it had more body. The full range gave my hair more volume and made it look thicker. Better yet, I found applying all the products very therapeutic. Because the shampoo is on the thicker side, you need take your time to gently and slowly lather it into your hair. It’s the perfect opportunity to give yourself a relaxing scalp massage!

Insider Tip: Get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner by blow drying your hair after using it, rather than letting your hair dry naturally. You’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon!

Style Your Hair: Deepa, Meg And Fran Tried The Style Lab Range

  • Deepa Tried Control Hairspray

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

Living Proof also offer a range of styling creams, mists and sprays that help create long-lasting hair styles. I tried the Control Hairspray from their STYLELAB collection.

“The hairspray is really good at holding my very heavy thick hair in place”

If you want your hairstyle to last all day and all night, this spray will definitely do the trick.

  • Meg Tried Blowout

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

This heat protector spray is powered by Thermal Speed-Shaping Technology to help create a faster, easier and more professional looking blow dry It also provides heat protection for up to 230°C.

“Blowout smells lovely and is easy to use. It makes my hair feel thicker and protects it against heat damage”

I have naturally wavy hair but prefer to wear it straight, so I use a lot of heat on my hair. I’ll blow dry it after my shower in the evening and straighten it again in the morning before work. Having a good heat spray is an essential part of my haircare routine. I’d choose Blowout over my usual go-to heat protector spray.

  • Fran Tried Texture Mist

Living Proof GLOSSYBOX

I don’t go for big and bold hairdos on a day-to-day basis. I prefer to let my hair fall naturally or tie it in a ponytail, so this light hold styling mist was right up my street.

“The Texture Mist added a subtle wave to my thin and straight hair, which is perfect because I prefer an understated everyday look”

Insider Tip: You can use the spray on dry or damp hair. Just tousle your locks to activate the Thickening Molecule and create your desired texture.

Our Verdict On The Brand

The Living Proof ranges are a luxury worth treating yourself to. You only need to use a small 5 or 10 penny-sized amount of shampoo to wash your hair and a modest dollop of conditioner to nourish your locks. A single bottle will last ages, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

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