Get Perfect Eyebrows At Home Using Eyebrow Cream


This month we are going back to Beauty School – because with salons on the brink of being closed again, we might have to go back to DIY-ing ourselves at home!

For those of you who aren’t blessed with naturally full eyebrows or over-plucked in school, this guide is going to help.

Getting the perfect brows at home is easy with the help of a brow cream, such as the Bang Beauty Cream Brow or HD Brows Brow Crème. If you are pushed for time, defining your eyebrows is a must. A product like these will not only help you to achieve perfect brows at home, but it will hold them in place all day and night.

How To Get Perfect Brows At Home

  1. Measure out your brows’ start, arch and end
  2. Comb your eyebrows
  3. Grab your brow cream
  4. Mark where your brows start
  5. Line underneath your brows
  6. Comb your eyebrows downwards
  7. Fill in the tail of your brows
  8. Fill in the start of your brow from above
  9. Comb your eyebrows upwards
  10. Use concealer for picture-perfect brows
  11. Keep things in place with setting spray

Measure where your brows should start, arch and end

Creating the perfect brow shape to suit your face is vital – some would say it’s a necessary life skill! The easiest way to measure this is by using a pencil (or an eye makeup brush).

  1. Hold the brush vertically and rest it on the side of your nose. This is where your brows should start.
  2. Rest the brush on the side of your nose still and hold it diagonally over your eye pupil. This is where your brows should arch.
  3. Again, rest the brush on the side of your nose and over the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brows should end.

How To Measure Of Perfect Brows

Comb your eyebrows

Believe it or not, you should be brushing your eyebrows daily to help to achieve the perfect shape. Start by combing your eyebrows upwards using a spoolie.

Grab your brow cream

An eyebrow cream usually comes with a mini brush applicator. Using the end of the brush, apply a small amount of the cream to the back of your hand. This allows you to put the lid back on the product so it’s not drying out! Start to warm up the product on the back of your hand by moving your brush in circular motions. This will help the cream to seamlessly blend into your skin.

Mark where your brows start

Dab a small amount of the cream onto your brush and draw a line upwards to mark where you want your brows to start.

Line underneath your brows

Draw a line along the lower brow line all the way to the edge of your brow. This will help you to achieve defined picture-perfect brows.

Comb your eyebrows downwards

Using a spoolie, comb your eyebrows downwards. This will reveal a whole host of sparse areas that you can easily fill in with your eyebrow cream.

Fill in the tail of your brows

Starting from the arch of your brow, use soft brush strokes to fill in the tail of your brow. After the arch of your brow, the tail of your brow should start to point slightly downwards.

Fill in the start of your brow from above

Now line along the top of your brows up to the arch of your brow, linking up all your handy work.

Comb your eyebrows upwards

Swiftly comb your eyebrows back upwards into the perfect shape as your eyebrow cream will begin to set and hold your brows in place all day and night!

Use concealer for picture-perfect brows

The secret to achieving picture-perfect brows is concealer. Using a flat concealer brush, you can essentially carve out your brows by shading on top of and underneath.

Fix things in place with setting spray

Finally, if you want extra hold, apply some setting spray to your spoolie and comb upwards again. Ready, set, your brows are ready!

Your Finished Eyebrow Look

And here is your final, finished brow look…

Lucinka says: “I love brow creams and gels, but the cream brow from Bang Beauty is something else. Not only does it give your brows the perfect hint of colour, but it sets them in place so they won’t budge.”

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