Sleek i-Divine Palettes: Trick or Treat Eyeshadow Looks

Sleek Makeup i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

This October, you’ll receive either a Trick or a Treat box, both of which include a full-size  Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette! If you received a Trick box, you received the Au Naturel palette, a mixture of neutral shades and smoky, burgundy delights. Those who got the Treat box are in for a treat with Oh So Speciala collection of 12 cute matte and pearlescent hues ranging from ‘Pamper’ pink to ‘Noir’. 

Our resident makeup artist Lucinka, created a ‘Trick’ and a ‘Treat’ eye look using both palettes so check out her two tutorial videos below.

Treat – Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Oh So Special

The 12 super pigmented, long-lasting, mineral based shades in this palette suit such a variety of complexions and cover all bases from smoky and sophisticated, to daytime chic. I adore the cute pink hues and the iridescent lilac shade ‘Gateau’, which will light up your eye looks this October!

Colours Used In The Tutorial

  1. Eye socket: Bow
  2. Outer eye socket: The Mail
  3. Eyelid: Ribbon
  4. Eye socket: Wrapped Up
  5. Corner of the eye: Organza
  6. Centre of the eyelid: Noir

Trick – Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Au Naturel

It’s time to swap your summer palette for moodier, autumnal hues with this palette. We adore the combination of matte and pearlescent shades that’ll keep you bang on trend and hold a whole host of possibilities for a sultry Halloween eye look. Smoky and striking, the burgundy shades coupled with the peachy base colours ensure you’re looking glamorous this Halloween.

Colours Used In The Tutorial

  1. Eye socket: Toast
  2. Corner of the eye: Regal
  3. Eyelid: Mineral Earth
  4. Brow Bone: Nougat
  5. Lower Lash Line: Moss & Noir
  6. Eyeliner: Noir

Our Trick or Treat boxes were so popular, we’ve now sold out – no tricks! We still want to treat you though, so when you subscribe we’ll send you an iconic pink box of our most loved beauty products. Rest assured, each box will contain at least 5 products, including 2 full-sizes and worth over £50. Join us here to receive one. 

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