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Tips For The Best Beauty Sleep Ever

Tips For The Best Beauty Sleep Ever
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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You may think we're joking, but beauty sleep is a real thing. The way you sleep, your bedding and your bedtime skin regime could be making your skin and hair worse! We teamed up with sleep experts at Dormeoto get the lowdown on the dos and don'ts of all things sleep and the results are surprising...

Silk, silk, silk

Shhh Silk Pillowcase

Try a silk pillowcase

If you're often greeted by red lines on your face when you check the mirror in the morning, then your pillowcase is the most likely culprit. These so-called 'sleep lines' are formed when your face presses against the fabric of your pillow during the night, causing creases in the skin. It could be time to swap your normal case for a silk one.

I love the Aussie company Shhh Silk and I'm not alone - it's adored by celebs like Kim Kardashian, Khloé, Kourtney, Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen so I just had to try their Pink Silk Pillowcases and was not disappointed. Not only do they stay cool to let your skin breathe, they prevent split ends and extend your blow dry.

The fine fabrics feel luscious against your skin and the fibres slip more smoothly over your face and hair, reducing friction and preventing sleep lines from forming. You can even have them embroidered with your name and they come with their own protective wash bag! Yes please!

There is no going back now I've tried silk pillowcases! Silk feels so luxurious, refreshing and I don't wake up with pillow lines!

Try a silk sleep mask

If you are like me, then you can't sleep even with a shed of light in the room. I live by sleep masks and I have discovered the best of the best that both look and feel gorgeous! This Slip Silk Sleep Mask, £45, and the Limited Edition Beauty Sleep Mask from Shhh Silk, $49, are both good options. They're the most luxurious sleep masks I've ever tried and they're definitely worth the investment.

Using the highest quality silk, you'll get the best night's sleep ever while avoiding sleep lines on your face and damage to your hair from the elastic (which is also silk). The range of colours to choose from is incredible too - I want them all!

As Shhh Silk say:

It's like a big cosy hug for your face!

Try a silk hair wrap

Silk hair wraps are all the rage at the moment! This SofiaSILKE Hair Wrap is designed to be worn nightly to protect your tresses against friction that can contribute to breakages, frizz and split ends. It's so comfortable to wear and it cocoons your tresses, protecting it while you sleep. Silk doesn't draw moisture from your hair so it naturally conditions so your hair grows faster too! This is a win win!

Pillowcase hygiene

Buy an anti-bacterial pillow

Under the wrong circumstances, your pillow can become a hive of nasty bacteria, leading to breakouts, greasy skin and even aggravating conditions like psoriasis. Antibacterial memory foam pillows, like the ones at Dormeo, are much more breathable than traditional feather or down styles and they're crafted from a material that's specially designed to fight bad bacteria — helping to keep your skin clean as you snooze.

Wash your pillowcases more often

Every night as we sleep, our bodies shed thousands of dead skin cells. While it may sound a bit gross, shedding a little skin each night is perfectly healthy: it means your skin is regenerating and repairing as you sleep. But, all of those cells can build up in the fibres of your pillowcase, along with natural oils and sweat, creating the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

The Sleep Experts at Dormeo recommend washing your pillowcase on a warm, gentle machine cycle at least once every two weeks should deal with any build-up and the high temperature should kill off any lingering bacteria too. And if you let your pup sleep the same bed, you should wash your bedding twice as much!

DIY Facial Before Bed

I find a DIY relaxing facial before I go to sleep helps me to wind down and gives my skin a glow the next morning.

I absolutely love my FOREO LUNA 2 for combination skin (and my mum loves hers too). It's an investment but it's so worth it. If you haven't heard of it, it's a facial-cleansing device that uses T-Sonic pulsations that target skin cells to help unclog pores and lift away dirt and oil.

There is also an anti-ageing mode that targets wrinkle-prone areas to help smooth the appearance of lines for firmer-looking skin. My skin always feels firmer after using it and it's so quick it's something you can incorporate into your skincare regime.

I hope you're feeling relaxed after receiving your special edition ‘Daydreamer’ GLOSSYBOX! This month is all about relaxing and dreaming of your future ambitions. Getting a good night's sleep is a good place to start...

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The Queen Of Curls
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