5 Simple Steps to Detox Your Makeup Bag

5 Simple Steps to Detox Your Makeup Bag

January is full of detox tips, but while we’re not ones for a juice cleanse, we are going to be staging a new year clear out of sorts, and if you love makeup, you should totally get onboard too. Yep, we’re detoxing our makeup bags!

Can you remember the last time you staged a deep cleanse of your beauty haul? Or washed every single makeup brush and blender you own? Or cleared out the bits you no longer use?

If you’ve answered to ‘no’ to any of those, keep reading—you need this as much as we do!

Step 1: Check The Expiry

Every product should now come with a little symbol to let you know how long it’s good for. The symbol will appear on the lael. And looks like a small round tub, with a number in the centre of it. That number tells you how months you have until the ingredients expire. Check your products and toss anything that you think has passed its best—be especially careful with mascaras, as bacteria can breed on the wand.

Step 2: Toss The Dregs

Compacts that are almost empty, broken or have spent the past year sitting at the bottom of a drawer; we’ll call these the dregs of your collection, and if you haven’t gotten around to replacing (or even using) them by now, it’s a sign that you probably don’t need them all that much. Our advice? Toss them now.

Step 3: Try the KonMari Method

So now you’ve cleared out all the basic must-go products, it’s time to separate the ones you just have to keep. Start by pulling out the five products you use most regularly, if not daily. Then, with the rest of the pile, apply the KonMari method. Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering process involves picking up each item one by one, and deciding whether or not it brings you feelings of joy or positivity. Makeup should be fun, so if you’re not feeling the vibes, toss the product (or donate it to a friend).

Step 4: The Clean Up

Now that you’ve only got the good stuff left, it’s time to deep clean. Start with your makeup brushes, and give the brushes a cleanse using warm water and a gentle shampoo, or a brush cleaner. Do the same with your spongers and blenders, then using an antibacterial makeup spray, spritz your palettes and compacts to kill any bacteria that may have built up.

Try the MAC Brush Cleanser £12 or the Estée Lauder Brush Cleaner £13 with the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove £20.50.

Sigma Glove

Step 5: Storage Options

You’ve pulled everything out and performed a deep detox, now it’s time to pack things away—but consider your storage options before you do. Brushes can collect dust and grime if left out on a dressing table, so consider storing your tools in a makeup bag or case you can seal. Drawer organisers are a great idea if you keep lots of products in the same place, while clear storage boxes can make finding things much easier!

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