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Mindfulness Mondays Week 4: Make Your Beauty Routine More Mindful

Mindfulness Mondays Week 4: Make Your Beauty Routine More Mindful
Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls6 years ago
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Welcome to week 4 of our Glossy journey of mindfulness. This week is all about focusing your awareness on the present moment by introducing some gorgeous products into your beauty routine. Take some time for you!

The problem is, in a world where our daily lives involve long working hours, stressful commutes and a number of other obligations, it can be hard to find the time.

That’s where the beauty industry has come in very handy, with Rituals leading the way in making mindfulness its key philosophy. Raymond Cloosterman, Founder and CEO, is huge a pioneer for transforming our daily routines into 'more meaningful moments' and having a work/life balance. Even the Rituals offices celebrate 'me time' with soul working booths, delicious lunches and employee yoga sessions. And check out how gorgeous their shops are...

Rituals Shop

With this in mind, here are a few ways we’ve incorporated the art of mindfulness into our daily routines….

1) In the shower

By taking a few extra minutes in the shower every morning to breath in the aromas of a calming body wash you'll help to relieve your mind of any stress and anxiety for the day ahead. We’ve been using Rituals The Ritual Of Dao Shower Gel, £8.50, which uses the relaxing qualities of white lotus and nourishing yi yi ren.

2) At bedtime

It won't surprise anyone that this is the perfect time for a spot of mindfulness. So, when you get into bed start by spritzing your pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £18, then once you're settled take 5 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Not only will this help you sleep better, but it'll give your mind a little time to relax and switch off.

3) Your skincare routine

Perhaps the easiest of all - when you're applying your skincare morning and night, opt for either a moisturiser, serum or face oil that has aromatherapeutic qualities. Pop a few drops into your hands, rub together and inhale the scent before you massage it into your face. We love using the ESPA Replenishing Face Treatment Oil, £59.

Keep an eye out for more Mindfulness posts every Monday and join the journey.

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Lydia Woodward
The Queen Of Curls
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