4 Easy Ways to Wear Glitter This Month

Glitter makeup and December just make sense together. We don’t know if it’s from all the twinkling lights or the sparkle of festive decorations, but come December 1st we just want to wear more glitter.It’s not just us either. According to Pinterest, searches for sparkling hair and makeup ideas are going through the roof. In fact, ideas saved for gold eye makeup looks are up by 722%, glitzy hair accessories have surged by 406%, glitter nails are up by 135%, and glitter eye makeup looks are 115% more popular too.

So of course, we decided to take a look at the top trending looks that make adding a little sparkle this month super easy. You’ll be pleased to know that from hair and makeup to nails, Pinterest’s top four trending looks suit absolutely everyone—and they couldn’t be more simple to create, either.

Ready for a crash course in glitzing-up your beauty look? See below for some of the most popular ideas on Pinterest right now.

Nails: Glitter Cuticles

The easiest of all glitter manicures, just coat your nails in a clear base coat, then paint the edges with a gold glitter nail polish. We love the Jessica Nails polish in Champagne Bubbles, £11. It might be easier to use a thinner nail art brush for this—if you don’t have one, try an old lip or eyeliner brush.

Hair: Glitter Confetti

We love this idea! Once you’ve styled your hair, simply sprinkle on a little sparkling confetti or loose glitter for a finishing touch—the Topshop Silver Chunky Loose Glitter, £4, is ideal. Start by sprinkling along your parting, then shake a little into the middle and ends.

Makeup: Glitter Liner

Who doesn’t love sparkling eye makeup? To recreate this look, either use a glitter liquid liner, a sparkling eyeshadow with a thin brush, or gently press a loose glitter, like the ASOS Make-Up Dual Glitter Pot, £6.50, under your lower lashes. Use a balm or glitter primer to help give this staying power.

Hair: Glitter Ribbon

This is already one of our favourite hairstyles—we’ve even got a full tutorial with Cloud Nine to help you recreate it! Switching a plain ribbon for a glittery one is a quick and super chic way of adding effortless sparkle. You can even use this month’s GlossyBox ribbon, just upscale it by adding a few gems.

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