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Team Tries: The New Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette

Writer and expert6 years ago
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It’s safe to say we are palette-obsessed here at GlossyBox HQ. So news of a brand new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette dropping just before party season, well that was always going to get us excited—make that super over-excited, it might as well be Christmas already.

Thanks to the famous Naked palettes, Urban Decay has well-documented form when it comes to whipping up a cult combination of shades. But can the new Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette, £43, live up to the hype?

To find out if the newbie is set to join UD's Palette Hall of Fame, we commandeered a preview sample and put the news shades to the test—yep, all the shades are completely brand new and, for now at least, exclusive to the Heavy Metals Metallic palette.

Strap in, here’s what the GlossyBox team discovered while road testing Urban Decay’s new party-ready offering…


“I started by using ‘Starfire’ on my lids and then created a cut crease using ‘Maiden’— I love these two colours for a dramatic evening look. To soften things up a bit I then used a mix of ‘Acoustic’ and ‘Angelfire’ in my inner corners, and blended them together so the look didn’t feel too harsh. I used ‘Angelfire’ again on my brow bone to highlight. The pigment of these eyeshadows are amazing and they’re easy to use with any brush.”


“I began using 'Maiden' as a wash over my whole lid. Then, I used 'Acoustic' as my inner corner highlight and 'Amp' for my under eye liner. All of the shades were really pigmented and very easy to blend, but it's a shame that the palette doesn't include any matte shades. It's a great palette for evening accents, but you would probably need some matte shades to make it more wearable for everyday. However, the colours are really fun and the pigmentation means that you can use them all for a colourful liner effect if you like.”


“Firstly, I washed 'Metalhead' across my lid and then used the darker shade of violet called 'Spandex' to add more drama to the eye. The application was easy, the shades blended really well and the look has lasted until the end of the day—impressive. I think this palette is a great one to experiment with and the colours really were very highly pigmented.”


“I used 'Afterparty' all over my lid and under the lash line for a burnt orange effect, and then finished off with 'Angelfire' on the inner corners to brighten my eyes. Overall the shades were super pigmented and had a creamy feel to them, without being 'flaky' which some glitter shadows are notorious for. I would certainly recommend this palette, plus the design is nothing like I've seen before!”

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Writer and expert
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